how artificial intelligence shook the world of work

A year ago, at the end of November 2022, the American company OpenAI has deployed the latest version of its ChatGPT conversational agentcapable of producing things in response to almost any request, with a naturalness and understanding of the context almost worthy of a human being.

Although these technologies were until now reserved for researchers and specialized companiesthe general public discovered How Generative Artificial Intelligence Could Be Used Everyday for multiple applications through a simple computer or smartphone screen.

Driven by exponential growth, ChatGPT and, more broadly, generative AI have quickly surpassed the single technological framework, with some seeing it as a revolution akin to the invention of the wheel or the printing press. GPT Chat and the models of your competitors Google or Midjourney exploded in many economic sectors.

Use cases have multiplied as they have been adopted by professionals who want to automate certain tasks in their activity. In parallel, many jobs have gradually found themselves in competition at their bases, or even threatened.

How has the advent of ChatGPT changed our habits and the way we work? What horizon does the emergence of these artificial intelligence systems present for the world of work? In this new episode of Focus, Martial you receive Benjamin Huejournalist specializing in new technologies at RTL, Robin RivatonGeneral Director of Stonal and Gael Slimanepresident of the Odoxa voting institute.

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