Samsung Digital City: welcome to Suwon, the city of the future

In this month of July 2023, we will discover Samsung Digital City. In the Land of Morning Calm, the name traditionally given to South Korea, the so-called high-tech brand Samsung It’s everywhere. From electronics to life insurance to hospital care, virtually every aspect of South Koreans’ lives is scored by the country’s number one company. A national pride that, however, does not flourish in Seoul, but in Suwon, 40 km south of the capital. Welcome to the Digital City, where the superstar company (which represents 20% of the national GDP) has been established since the creation of its Electrónica subsidiary in 1969.

Dressed for the occasion in the colors of Unpacked, the ceremony notably revealed the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 on July 26, Digital City was originally dedicated exclusively to manufacturing home appliances and black and white televisions. Currently Samsung’s research and development center, it has no less than 130 buildings and 37,000 employees spread over more than 172 hectares.


Samsung Digital City, the largest museum dedicated to the electronics industry in South Korea

In this atypical location, office buildings, laboratories, sports fields of all types, a hospital and a museum coexist, the latter portraying the history of the Korean brand and the glory of its technological innovation. Called the Samsung Innovation Museum (SIM), the place remembers the discovery of electricity, the evolution of microprocessors and the invention of television and cell phones. A discreet and intimate room offers a perfect introduction, revealing cult objects such as the first Korean 8-bit personal computer. It is also in the middle of this room that we find our favorite: behind a window, you can admire all the Olympic flames that have followed since the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, the date on which Samsung has become a global partner.

At all levels, innovations follow one another, being as intriguing as they are, at times, worrying. Further on, in a room where the air conditioning is excessive, we discover drones that replace sheepdogs and we are presented with sensors that allow us to keep an eye on the vital data of loved ones, even from a distance. black mirror It’s not far…

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