to discover products from the four corners of the world

Wine is becoming increasingly popular in Atlantic Canada. We were able to see this at the end of the week with the presentation of the 33rd edition of the Moncton Wine Expo, which took place in the arena adjacent to the old Coliseum.

More than 5,000 people visited the 90 wine and food kiosks on site.

This exhibition is the second oldest in Canada, after the one in Vancouver.

The first edition of the event took place in 1991, on the initiative of George Wybouw.

Wine lovers had the opportunity to discover wines from all four corners of the world.

“Sales are very good. There were a lot of people on Saturday afternoon, probably the biggest crowd in the history of the exhibition”, says Bill Vance, director of the event for 21 years.

In addition to wine, chefs from several restaurants in the region prepared salmon and oyster dishes, burgers and chocolate.

“There are more and more good restaurants in Greater Moncton and more and more of them are participating in our event,” says Bill Vance.

Maintain the intimate character

The exhibition welcomed a group from the West Coast of the United States for the first time, which included sommeliers from California, Oregon and Washington.

“It’s very exciting because it gives us an idea of ​​what the future will be like. We had to expand our space this year to accommodate everyone.”

However, this expansion has limits, the director believes. “We want to have an environment that allows sommeliers to talk to people while serving them a good glass of wine. We want to keep that somewhat intimate character.”

Peter Gorman of Moncton was especially interested in the temporary warehouse erected on the site.

“I came to see if there were any interesting products. This year, I’m content to buy ordinary products, not necessarily high quality,” she explains.

“I love the different flavors and smells of wines. As I get older, I become more and more interested in white wines. I would say they are very different from red wines.”

Wine company representatives noted very good sales figures over the weekend.

“We try to make a selection of wines that are not available in stores. The reaction is very good. People want to try new wines,” says Shaun McDonald, agent at Escalades Wines And Spirits, a company that sells products from Chile, Argentina, California and Italy.

“I don’t have sales results yet, but we see that people are here to buy. This type of event is very important for us because it brings us a new clientele, especially young people.”

Discover new wines

Franklin Whitehead, owner of Franklin Imports, agreed.

“I choose wines from around the world and introduce them to the people of New Brunswick through Liquor New Brunswick branches,” he explains.

“It is said that wines are the link that unites people in a society. Everyone who visits us wants to explore a little of what is available on the market. They’re not looking for anything specific.”

The businessman states that organic or low-alcohol products are currently popular all over the world.

Which countries produce the best wines? He doesn’t want to get wet.

“Wines differ depending on the region of the world. It’s as if they were your children, we can’t tell which one you love more. We just see different styles, mainly because of the weather,” she responds.

“But in terms of value and quality, I would say South American wines are really good, I’m thinking especially of Chile and Argentina.”

“I really like red wine”

Mylène Landry and Karine Thériault came from Caraquet to participate in the event.

“I wanted to come and taste the wine and eat the snacks that the chefs prepared. It’s a great opportunity to take advantage of local resources and try new things”, says Mylène Landry.

“I’m not a regular, but I said to myself: this year, let’s go! I really like red wine because I find it a little fuller.”
His partner Karine Thériault also seemed to really enjoy the experience.

“I’m here simply because I love wine. It tastes like happiness. I especially like white and rosé wines.”

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