Complete training in DxO PhotoLab 7 – video course

In the world of digital photography, post-production is a crucial step in going from a good photo to a truly professional photo. DxO PhotoLab 7 now positions itself as the tool of choice for this transformation. And to help you get familiarized, we present a training video available on our partner website Enough to allow you to refine your images to perfection.

Who should attend?

This training is designed for those who, whether familiar or new to photo editing, want to master DxO PhotoLab 7. Whether you are an amateur photographer looking to improve the quality of your photos or a professional looking to improve your editing skills, this tutorial will help you guide you through each step of your post-production work.

The tutorial program

The training course is designed to provide a global and practical understanding of PhotoLab 7. Over almost 6 hours, here are the main topics that will be covered:

  • Introduction to the interface and basic functionalities;
  • Image management and organization for efficient workflow;
  • Know the fundamental configurations;
  • Light: Exposure and brightness adjustment techniques;
  • Color: White balance and saturation control;
  • Details: Sharpness and noise management;
  • Geometry: Perspective corrections and straightening;
  • Watermark and Effects: Application of signatures and other creative effects;
  • Local retouching: Precise modifications to perfect the image;
  • Practical workshops: Concrete exercises to consolidate knowledge and stimulate creativity.

Color adjustment in DxO (TSL)

To give you an idea of ​​the teaching provided in this tutorial, here is a video chapter offered to you and dedicated to the TSL (Hue, Saturation and Luminance) tool. The useful tool to master transforming your images with accurate and impactful colors. This training segment allows you to discover the detailed methodology and practical approach that recognized expert Julien Pons uses to instill the ins and outs of DxO PhotoLab 7.

You can find the Complete training: DxO PhotoLab 7 in full on

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