Remote control license plate hiding system: SF gets angry

Hiding your license plate is an offense, around the world. If some people use a piece of tape or a dead sheet of paper, there are “ solutions » much more sophisticated. In San Francisco, drivers use a device that covers the license plate by pressing a button on the remote control. They are sold on well-known e-commerce platforms. The authorities of San Francisco have them in your sights.

San Francisco: authorities at war against license plate coverings

A suspect runs through the streets of San Francisco with the police on his trail. With the press of a button, the driver Cover your board with a plastic screen. It looks like a fancy gadget from a James Bond or Batman movie. However, you can buy it for around €50 online.

It is illegal to use such a device in California (where the self-adhesive board is cool) as well as selling them. But that doesn’t stop many sellers from offering a range of products aimed at hide license plate numbers. They are found in Amazon,Walmart, eBay and even Etsy.

San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu has a plethora of these devices in his office. And on Wednesday he will demand that these 4 companies remove these products from their websites.

This looks like something from Gotham City and shouldn’t be legal anywhere in America, »Chiu said. “ The product descriptions themselves, as well as customer reviews, clearly indicate that these are products used for illegal purposes. » Opinions like « perfect for escaping law enforcement “Or” works well for evading the police » were published by customers visibly satisfied with their purchase.

A gadget available in several variations

Gadgets come with a remote control that drivers can use to protect their American license plates. You can even include a fictitious number or cover the number with a transparent plate that nevertheless makes the illegible registration number. These license plate covers are used in many situations:

  • To avoid paying tolls
  • To prevent red light and speed control cameras

The most common crimes in San Francisco involve automobiles. Carjackings are usually carried out using a car. They are becoming more and more common. A more recent crime, which police call “battering ram attacks,” involves smashing a store window with a car, filling the trunk with stolen goods, and then fleeing.

Chiu said he had never heard of devices like this license plate cover until San Francisco Police Chief Bill Scott expressed his frustration with them during a meeting last June. He immediately wondered where these devices came from. The chief commissioner named those responsible.

Some US states allow these devices if cars are parked, to protect enrollment bad weather, according to Chiu. But in most states, including California, they are ” totally illegal “, he declared.

Spokespeople for Etsy, eBay and Amazon said sellers on their sites are required to comply with all laws. They remove illegal items when notified. Chiu said he expects the four sites to proactively remove all plate concealment devices. But he refused to specify what measures he would take if they did not do so spontaneously. “ Its sale and use are illegal and these online platforms must know that,” he declared.

Source: New York Times

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