Beers, wines, cheeses… Monastic products highlighted this weekend in Fontmorigny

It is an old building, situated in the Berry countryside, in the town of Menetou-Couture, east of Cher and a few steps from Nièvre. The Cistercian abbey of Fontmorigny, founded in the 12th century, is less well-known than its Berry counterpart, Noirlac, but no less worth the detour. Lovers of good products and ancient stones have a great opportunity to discover it this weekend with the new edition of the monastic market, a traditional meeting in mid-November. Normally organized jointly by the two Cistercian abbeys of Cher, Noirlac will miss its turn this year for work reasons.

A wide choice

These are the products from around thirty abbeys and monasteries that you can find on the lay refectory stalls this weekend: “There are many varieties of products, but they come mainly from rural agriculture” explains owner Dominique Mangeot. “We will find cheeses: Échourgnac, Timmadeuc, Belloc. But also charcuterie from the Bricquebec Abbey in Cotentin with the famous Père Marc pâtés, but also duck rillettes and many other savory and sweet specialties…”. Without obviously forgetting the essential abbey beers: “All Trappist beers, Chimay, Orval, Rochefort, Westmalle…” also different wines, and even… champagne! “We are particularly attached to Champagne Monial. The winery where it is produced was built during the life of São Bernardo de Claraval, it is still incredible! »

Many monastic products to discover © Fontmorigny Abbey.

Products like no other

All these products are made with care by nuns and monks, a purchase that makes sense explains Dominique Mangeot: “Every product you buy has a purpose. They help monasteries to live, support their community and help each other. It is not a production activity in the sense of consumption. The goal is to avoid idleness and do work that involves prayer. They bring the utmost care and quality to these products. They are not luxury products but they have all the features, but also simplicity and an affordable price”. Meet Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm for the monastic market at Fontmorigny Abbey. Free entry.

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