sprayed with ozonized or electric water, robotic cutters, etc.

The third edition of the Italian fair specializing in vineyards and wines “RIVE” has just taken place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November in Pordenone, north of La Botte. The industry in the transalpine sector presented several developments there. Focus on 6 of them.


When the economy goes, everything goes. This could be the niche of business living room. It applies in particular to Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Treviso, two prosperous regions. The third edition of the RIVE fair, specialized in equipment and services for viticulture and wine production, took place on the 8th, 9th and 10th of November 2023. Countless winegrowers walked along the paths of the Pordenone exhibition center. They were able to observe the latest innovations presented mainly by Italian manufacturers. Among them, some innovations.

For the vine, firstly, the manufacturer Gamberini has been a partner with the company MET for 10 years to develop and now commercialize Oxir, a tool that sprays ozonated water. “The objective is to be a complement to the technical roadmap. It means having equally effective treatments, but reducing them by 50%, describes Luca Gamberini, company administrator. Because products are more effective after using our Oxir machine. During our tests, we observed this effectiveness in particular on botrytis and powdery mildew. Our solution, however, does not reduce the number of passes through the plot, since the other half of the passes are from our machine”. The manufacturer specifies that Oxir is a tool that can also be used in the wine cellar, to sanitize or even disinfect instruments and equipment. “and even the grapes before pressing, he says. Ozone ensures the removal of biological waste.” Independent technicians and consultants would have certified the process to reduce treatments. Oxir cost: around €20,000 for the generator, €50,000 for the complete machine for spraying vineyards. Custom chassis.

Electricity in the air

Still in spraying, Europiave is making a significant change to its treatment panels, confining two complete rows. “This is the first time we have presented this development, declares Andrea Buso, an employee of the manufacturer. We electrified the 4 ventilations. An electrical cabinet is added to the front. The promise is better efficiency with ease of use and stability of the 4 blowers. The device costs around €56,000.

Robotic cutting

In fashion, machine automation is gaining prominence. The manufacturer Peruzzo presents its small robotic mower Robofox Electra. “It’s tracked and it’s all electric, says Lorenzo Peruzzo, director. A hybrid version is also in development. The battery lasts 3 hours and recharges in 2 hours. You have to go through the rows with the radio control on the first pass and Robofox will follow this path alone from the second pass on. Its price is €35,000 and we are developing other tools for which the robot could be useful.”

Still a robot, Free Green Nature offers a new model, with a chassis and style derived from its first model Icaro X4 specialized in UV C treatment. Called Leonardo X4, it is dedicated to the work “in green”, that is, cutting between rows and in rows. “In the future, he will also be able to head the vineyards and carry out other work”, says Alessandro Andreon, sales manager. Its total width is 1.5 m. The Maschio Gaspardo subsidiary designed it to be able to support tools in the front, behind or between the wheels. Furthermore, at the RIVE fair, he receives interline cutting discs with contact erasure, approximately 50 cm in diameter and manufactured in-house. In terms of price, this robot is sold at the price of the Icaro X4, or around 150 thousand euros.

Help with filtering and design

On the winery side, Enoveneta follows the trend of process automation and adapts it to its Enoflex tangential filtration system. “Everything becomes automatic, says David Zollo, export manager. Filtration, rinsing and washing are scheduled. You simply need to enter the volume to be filtered. For example 100 hL, then Enoflex takes care of everything. At the moment the device is controlled from the cabinet screen, but we would like to develop a mobile application.” To purchase this technology, you will have to pay €80,000.

Finally, to organize the cellar well, the equipment manufacturer very close to Italy, the Slovenian SKRLJ, is making its Swedish revolution. Like Ikea’s famous kitchen design assistance service, it offers a new wine cellar design service. Called “Tank Place” and accessible on the manufacturer’s website, “consists of entering the measurements of parts and materials and organizing them in 3D space on the screen, describes Uros Zorn, marketing director. SKRLJ offers to advise on a project or put the project in contact with an architect”. The web service is free, in English, and promised soon in French. Lunga vita all’innovation!

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