Switchbot K10+: a miniature but Matter-compatible robot vacuum cleaner

“Small but strong” : this could be the slogan of the K10+, Switchbot’s first robot vacuum cleaner, which is also among the smallest models in the industry. Measuring less than 25 centimeters in diameter and ten centimeters in height, it can slide into the smallest corners before returning to its (un)loading base, equally compact despite its four-liter capacity. In order not to spoil anything, the Chinese manufacturer guarantees that the K10+ will be compatible with Matter through her axle second generation until the end of next January.

Switchbot K10+. Image switch.

Robotic vacuum cleaners are more comfortable in houses, where they easily find their place, than in apartments, where they have difficulty fitting between furniture. Although most models measure between 30 and 35 centimeters in diameter, Switchbot did not want to exceed 25 centimeters to reach the Japanese and European markets. The charging station is compact enough to fit under furniture or in a corner (32×26×21 cm), but large enough to collect up to 70 days of dust before requiring manual emptying.

The downside is obvious: the suction power is limited to 2,500 Pa, three times less than the most powerful models on the market, although it guarantees relative silence (48 dB). At the beginning of the school year, Switchbot presented two robot vacuum cleaners, the K10+ and the S1+, capable of cleaning after filling the Smart Humidifier thanks to their station connected to the drinking water network. The K10+ is more modest with its removable wipes that must be (un)installed manually.

Image switch.

If it automatically maps your home with your LiDAR sensor and allows you to set prohibited zonesit ignores the detection of objects doped with machine learning, using a simpler trial and error system. However, it can automatically increase its power when passing over a mat and gain momentum to jump over threshold bars and other obstacles less than two centimeters thick.

Switchbot made itself known with products as original as connected buttons AND motors pulling the curtainsbut gradually expands its range with more conventional products such as a connected lock and now vacuum cleaners. The K10+ is announced for €499.99but a €100 discount coupon can be activated on Amazon until November 27th. We have been testing this model for several weeks and will offer a test run in the coming days.

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