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By Shilpi Jain

Over the past two decades, humanity has been steadily moving towards more digitalization in everyday life life. This can be seen in the way we live our daily lives, where smartphones have become ubiquitous for almost every activity in our lives. In fact, governments around the world have also increasingly moved to digital platforms to improve operational efficiency. This technological advancement has brought many positive effects, but it has also brought with it some teething problems, especially when it comes to cybersecurity in the computing world.

Furthermore, with the advent of cloud and other cutting-edge technologies, the increased dependence on cybersecurity will further lead to the constant increase in demand for cybersecurity professionals. With large corporations and governments constantly seeking such professionals, leading technology institutes and online platforms have introduced specialized, short-term courses for freshers and professionals.

Here are the top four cybersecurity courses that can turn cybersecurity aspirants into cybersecurity professionals with the right knowledge and skills to make a successful career transition.

Postgraduate Executive Certification in Cyber ​​Security and Ethical Hacking from IIT Roorkee iHub and Intellipaat – The Ethical Hacking Postgraduate Executive Certification consists of several modules completed over 11 months, culminating in a capstone career advancement project. The course provides a comprehensive understanding of networking, SOC, application security, risk analysis and mitigation through live classes taught by industry experts and master classes taught by IIT faculty.

MIT 10-Month Program | xPro – A 10-month MIT program | xPro focuses on providing students with cutting-edge cybersecurity skills. The course includes insights and case studies from renowned MIT professors and MIT xPRO certification. Students will also have the opportunity to improve Marketplace-Ready cybersecurity skills in a high-growth market. There is a final presentation project included in the course to share with potential employers.

Cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses from Udemy – Udemy, a leading e-learning platform, offers several cybersecurity and ethical hacking courses for students to choose from. The best thing is that these courses are divided into bite-sized parts that allow students to learn at their own pace and comfort.

FutureLearn eight-week program – Cyber ​​security is vital these days and this course from FutureLearn aims to provide you with all the skills you need to make a successful career transition. Enroll in the Open University eight-week course taught by Cory Doctorow to gain valuable knowledge on how to identify potential online security threats that could put your personal information at risk. You will also learn about effective measures to minimize risk and keep your data safe. This course is supported by the UK Government’s National Cyber ​​Security Program and has received NCSC Assured Training and IISP accreditation, ensuring you receive professional and informative training.

With a demand-supply gap of 30%, the cybersecurity industry is currently facing a major skills challenge. Furthermore, to effectively combat evolving cyber threats, organizations have felt that there is a dire need to focus on upskilling the workforce with a wider range of cybersecurity skills. To meet their ongoing needs for cybersecurity experts, companies are looking for experts with specializations in data privacy, cloud security, AI security, and network security.

In conclusion, a cybersecurity course is more than an educational endeavor. With growing demand and the never-ending digital threat, a professional course can help not only with your career path, but in creating a safe and resilient cyber environment for a better tomorrow.

The author is COO and co-founder of Intellipaat. Opinions are personal.

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