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Even more than speed, Wi-Fi is a determining criterion when choosing an internet box. So here are some tips for having the best wireless internet connection in your home, no matter its size.

Which Wi-Fi standard should you choose?

Wi-Fi is wireless Internet. Very practical, this technology is revolutionizing the use of the Internet in homes. But when choosing your internet box, you must opt ​​for a subscription with a box compatible with the Wi-Fi standard that suits you.

If you live alone or as a couple in an apartment, you can get by with a Wi-Fi 5 box. On the other hand, if you live with a family, in a house, and have uses that require very good Wi-Fi -Fi Speed, it will be Better to opt for a medium or high subscription, compatible with Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi 6E.

Because Wi-Fi allows you to have a wireless internet speed 40% higher than Wi-Fi 5. Additionally, Wi-Fi 6 has the ability to handle a large number of simultaneous connections without impacting your connection performance. Its extended version, Wi-Fi 6E, allows the use of a third Wi-Fi frequency band, in addition to 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz: 6 GHz. With a 500 MHz more bandwidthyou will have an even more efficient, stable wireless internet network with even better speed.

Wi-Fi 6 boxes: SFR Box Power, SFR Box premium, Freebox pop, Bbox must

6E Wi-Fi boxes: Livebox Up, Livebox Max, Freebox Delta, Bbox ultym

Today the best internet boxes for Wi-Fi are the Bbox ultym, the Livebox Max, the Freebox Delta, the Livebox Up, the Freebox Pop and the Box SFR premium. With the exception of the SFR and Freebox Pop internet offering, all are compatible with Wi-Fi 6E. They also allow you to have one or more Wi-Fi repeaters.

Wi-Fi repeater: is it really useful?

The Wi-Fi repeater is an effective solution to improve your wireless internet connection. As it is well positioned in your home, it will double your box’s Wi-Fi signal and therefore improve Wi-Fi coverage in your home.

After all, not everyone needs this. If you live in an apartment, it won’t necessarily be very useful, unless it’s very large. On the other hand, in a home it is almost essential.

Today, many internet boxes allow you to have one or more Wi-Fi repeaters at no additional cost to the subscriber : Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta (1), SFR Box premium (1), Livebox Up (1), Bbox ultym (2), Livebox Max (3).

According to measurement institute nPerf, Bouygues Telecom has the best Wi-Fi performance. Because, for two years, according to Wi-Fi Barometer from our partner, it was voted #1 in Wi-Fi for download and upload speeds, latency, web browsing and streaming.

Speed: is Wi-Fi the best way to have a fast connection?

If you want to have the fastest Internet connection at home, it is best to connect an Ethernet cable. You can also connect your equipment directly to your box or to the RJ 45 sockets installed in your home. But it is not as practical as a Wi-Fi connection that allows you to be connected to the Internet wherever you are in your Accommodation.

Then we say that the Wi-Fi speed is usually what comes out of your box. This is true if you are connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi near your box. But you should know that the further you move away from your box, the more the Wi-Fi signal decreases, the more the speed weakens. This is even more true if the Wi-Fi signal encounters obstacles. Hence the interest, if your home requires it, of having a connection compatible with Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E, with one or more Wi-Fi repeaters if necessary.

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