Jobs in Langon: logistics platform Carbret is recruiting

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The platform Carriere installed your 9It is 5,000 m² warehouse in March 2022 in the Parc d’Activités du Pays de Langon (Gironde), rue des Acacias in Mazères.

That veterinarians cooperative created 51 years ago, in 1972, in Brittany, is the market leader in the distribution of veterinary products (food, pharmaceutical products, medical-surgical equipment). It is a wholesale distributor and distribution center.

“From Langon we deliver approximately 300 veterinariansin Charente-Maritime in Hautes-Pyrénées, Gironde, Dordogne, Landes, Pyrenees-Atlantiques and part of Lot and Garonaexplains Elisabeth Giraudbit, logistics director at the Langon warehouse and Maisons-Alfort. 13 vans that depart from the platform make deliveries to all these departments. A semi-trailer transports medicines from the Ctraitet platform to Castelnaudary (Aude) and returns in the other direction with the food. »

With its nine locations in France, Ctraitet has a genuine equine and canine network in rural areas.

No customer is two hours away from a warehouse.

Elisabeth Giraudbit, logistics director

The platform employs 25 people

The Langon platform employs 25 people and is still recruiting order pickers.

“When you set up a warehouse, it develops the area when you control the logistics”, continues the director alongside Maxime Touchet, business manager, and Jean-Christophe Daguzan, deputy manager. And this facilitates the activity of veterinary clinics. We have four deliveries per week, which provides a good frequency of deliveries. »

Ctraitet seeks order pickers

The Ctraitet platform in Langon is recruiting order pickers, young or old, looking for additional work of 4 to 7 hours of work, on Mondays, from 3am. Information: 05 57 98 08 52. Email: (email protected)

Ctraitet has its own line of equipment: Vetev.

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“We have a subsidiary, GmVet (veterinary management software that helps with client management), and a tool to take online consultation: Pilepoils. »

Its turnover is 811 million euros in 2023

The cooperative recorded a turnover of 811 million euros in 2023. It has 450 employees in France and 5,500 member veterinarians.

Delivery dock where the 13 vans that deliver 300 veterinary structures depart. ©Le Républicain Sud-Gironde-Bernard Peyré
The Ctraitet platform has 1,422 m² of photovoltaic panels.
The Ctraitet platform has 1,422 m² of photovoltaic panels. ©Le Républicain Sud-Gironde-Bernard Peyré

“In the dog food market, we represent half the market; 36% of the veterinary market, distribution food and medicine. Our service providers are all local to maintain our regional presence”, adds Elisabeth Giraudbit.

The Carrièret warehouse has 1,433 m² of photovoltaic panels and optimizes the movements of its 13 vans with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint. “We are currently testing electric vehicles in Paris, Angers and Nancy, specifies the director. Our drivers practice ecological driving. We bought back the cardboard and plastic. »

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