MicroCloud, an open source private cloud accessible to everyone

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Canonical has just launched MicroCloud, a new cost-effective open source cloud solution. Objective: to make the Private Cloud available to as many people as possible, in a configuration that can be used on both basic and high-end hardware.

MicroCloud is clearly part of the evolution of Canonical Cloud Infrastructure Solutions. The offering is designed for scalable clusters and edge deployments, for all types of businesses. Microcloud was designed with simplicity, security and automation in mind. Business support is also offered directly as part of the subscription. UbuntuProwith multiple support levels available and pricing per node.

MicroClouds are optimized for remote deployments. A simple command triggers the orchestration and grouping of multiple components, with minimal user involvement. Microcloud addresses on-premises and edge cloud deployments in remote locations. The new solution is therefore suitable for any type of structure.

Lightweight architecture of MicroCloud makes it usable on both commodity and high-end hardware. In addition to the standard Ubuntu server or desktop, MicroClouds can work with Ubuntu Core, a lightweight operating system optimized for edge computing. Users can choose to run their workloads using VMs, through system containers, or through Kubernetes via Microk8s. System containers based on LXD They behave the same way as traditional VMs, but consume fewer resources and offer bare-metal performance.

That open source enterprise cloud solution is fully supported under the the Ubuntu Pr offerOh, we said it. The offering covers more than 30,000 packages with a commitment to security maintenance and features such as kernel livepatch.

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