Now: Audio and Networking for the Entertainment and Leisure Industry

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Small revolution in this niche market: Now, a French jewel, designer and manufacturer of networked hardware sound systems, is launching Series I, an innovative software product. Enough to further strengthen a leadership position, recognized worldwide in theprofessional audio. Meeting with David Rocher, founder and director of Agora.

How have networked sound transport systems revolutionized professional audio?

Networked sound transport systems enable real-time isochronous audio streaming with very low latency. The result surpasses traditional networks in quality and ease of use, designed for simple transmission from transmitter to receiver. This technology, developed with the Internet, is of interest to mobile entertainment and event providers as well as installed sound venues such as museums or conference centers.

Agora designs and manufactures innovative systems in France that are not only based on this technology, but that simplify it even further through its ingenuity. Our Ghost, Fast or H hardware solutions therefore start from field experience to adjust to the real needs of our customers, in a realistic and pragmatic approach through a combination of Switch and Endpoint technologies. To avoid redundant networks, for example, we integrate several motherboards into the same product. A unique approach in our market.

The company’s entire strategy is to respond to specific needs with efficient, flexible and economical solutions. We also provide training to our customers to increase their skills and ensure optimal use of all the functionalities of our systems.

Now launch a software product: a new milestone?

With Series I, Agora offers a software license to control remote switches, not manufactured by Agora. The user can therefore manage already installed switches with the software or choose switches of different qualities according to their budget.

This new offer makes it possible to respond more broadly to the demands of the installation market with simplified control over several switches. Series I software, which can be adapted to almost any installation, is expected to generate almost a third of our turnover within 4 to 5 years.

Eiffel Tower, Futuroscope… Now it equips the most prestigious locations. What are your development prospects?

The professional audio market is growing. In France, a pioneering market, 90% of installations are already networked and we are entering a retrofit market. Internationally, Agora distributes its products in around thirty countries. Exports currently represent more than 50% of our turnover and this share is expected to grow significantly in both hardware and software.

To support this growth, Agora intends to quickly develop commercial representations by territorial area and increase industrial capacity. To support this technological and commercial adventure, Agora intends to open its capital to new investors in a combination of shares and convertible bonds.

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