Our Installer’s Take on the Schneider EV Link Home Charging Station

In the ever-changing world of electric vehicles (EVs), choosing the right home charging station is crucial. Today we take a close look at the Schneider EVlink Home T2S Socket 7.4kW 32A TIC Charging Station under the eyes of a professional installer.

Design and Installation

The Schneider EVlink Home terminal, with dimensions of 409 x 282 x 148 mm and weight of 4.5 kg, has a compact and modern design that easily fits in garage spaces. Its wall installation method is practical and does not require much space. The installation process, explained in a dedicated video, is accessible even to amateur DIYers, although the intervention of a professional is recommended to ensure safety and compliance with standards.

Technical characteristics

  • Power: Variable from 7.4 kW (single phase) to 11 kW (three phase), ideal for fast and efficient charging.
  • Intensity: 32A, offering a good balance between charging speed and safety.
  • T2S socket: Standard and compatible with most electric vehicles.
  • IP54 protection rating and IK10 impact resistance: Guarantees durability and safety in various environmental conditions.
  • CE standard and 2 year warranty: Ensure compliance with European standards and quality assurance.

Innovative features

The terminal is equipped with an ICT input for dynamic energy management, which allows the load to be adapted to the energy consumption of the home and the contracted power. This feature eliminates the risk of power outage or overload. Additionally, charging begins instantly as soon as the vehicle is plugged in, and the user can monitor the charging status via an indicator light. Charging stops automatically when the battery is full or can be stopped manually.

Our terminal installer’s opinion

“While the Schneider EVlink Home terminal is efficient and easy to install, it is crucial to consider maintenance. Software updates, availability of spare parts and long-term maintenance costs are aspects that should not be overlooked for an optimal experience. »


As an installer, I consider the Schneider EVlink Home Charging Station to be an excellent choice for electric vehicle owners looking for a reliable, efficient, and easy-to-install solution. With its smart features and home-friendly design, it represents a solid investment for a worry-free charging experience. Compatibility, security and ease of use are the main assets of this model.

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