Rubrik integrates generative AI into its security cloud

Riding the wave of generative AI and its potential to help IT understand, detect, analyze and remediate security incidents, Rubrik is powering its flagship “Security Cloud” platform with an “in-house” conversational AI called Ruby and based on OpenAI models via Azure…

Generative AI is establishing itself at warp speed in the world of cybersecurity and becoming a component of any SoC and any security solution. Microsoft, Google, Crowdstrike, Sysdig, SentinelOne, Tenable, Vectra and others in recent weeks have announced generative assistants to interact with cybersecurity experts and help them analyze large amounts of equipment data and security probes.

It’s Rubrik’s turn to install an assistant powered by the discussion capabilities of generative AI at the heart of its solutions.

Rubrik, which pioneered next-generation backup solutions and is now increasingly moving into the world of cybersecurity and advanced data protection, announces Rubrik Ruby, an AI assistant for its new flagship offering “ Cloud security “.

Ruby gets all its intelligence from core OpenAI models. For maximum security and privacy, Rubrik designed it based on Microsoft’s “Azure OpenAI” services with custom models for cybersecurity needs, combining Rubrik’s machine learning data threat engine with LLM models. This combination enables administrators and cybersecurity experts to identify, investigate, remediate, and report cybersecurity incidents with unparalleled efficiency.

Ruby is an extension of the Rubrik Security Cloud platform, powered by generative AI and automation. Leveraging the conversational capabilities of LLMs, this wizard provides a guided response approach that allows users to explore, understand, and respond to security incidents in order to quickly restore vital business operations.

One of Ruby’s most important values ​​is leveraging Rubrik’s best practices and the experiences of our own field and ransomware recovery teams, who have worked with hundreds of customers across industries.“, explains Anneka Gupta, Product Director at Rubrik. “ Think of Ruby as the AI ​​personification of a security analyst. This assistant is here to help our customers resolve a security incident much faster than before. »

Rubrik deploys its AI to assist its customers in three complementary areas:

– Abnormal activity detection: Using the Data Threat Engine, Ruby detects anomalies in data from enterprise, cloud, and SaaS applications. This allows companies to quickly identify malicious activity and understand the scope of a cyberattack.

– Increased customer satisfaction: Using Sentry AI, an in-house developed platform, Ruby AI is proactive and targeted, anticipating and resolving issues before they impact business systems.

– Security expertise and rapid response: Ruby provides a rapid, guided response process, helping customers navigate complex workflows for secure and accelerated recovery in the event of a cyber incident.

When interacting with Ruby, users can ask follow-up questions and receive guidance on what steps to take to effectively resolve any identified issues.

Anneka Gupta emphasizes that “ Protecting company data must be an enterprise-wide imperative; every employee must have the necessary tools to quickly respond to incidents. Our goal with Ruby is to fill skills gaps and remove barriers to cyber response so that all organizations can ensure business continuity and preserve the integrity of their corporate data. »

It is clear that these technologies must evolve very quickly, since the progress made in generative models is very fast. Over time, Ruby will evolve to provide even faster and more effective recovery from cyberattacks. This AI is currently reserved for Enterprise edition subscribers who request it. It should eventually become widespread. In any case, it confirms the extent to which generative AI is invading the cybersecurity sector and transforming the daily lives of cyber analysts.

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