Smart home devices: the French very seduced

The French are increasingly buying and using smart home devices. They particularly prefer connected televisions and devices that allow them to listen to music. This is according to recent YouGov research on behalf of digital magazine reading app Readly.

More and more French people want to invest in products equipped with artificial intelligence, according to a recent survey carried out by YouGov on behalf of Readly, the European leader in digital kiosks. This company offers a digital subscription service that gives customers unlimited access to thousands of magazines and newspapers, available in 17 different languages ​​and in more than 50 countries.

40% of French homes have at least two devices

The YouGov study for Readly was carried out among 1,006 French people, from August 2 to September 1, 2023. It reveals that 40% of homes in France have at least two smart home devices, and that 25% of owners believe they understand these technologies . The French use these devices daily to manage a variety of tasks, including lighting, security, heating and cooking.

More people in their 40s have this equipment

Connected televisions are at the top of smart products used in French homes. At least 57% of households use it. These TVs are followed by music listening devices (40%). In terms of age, people in their 40s are most likely to own smart home devices. Around (43%) have between 1 and 3 devices per household, while 50% of people over 60 have none.

People over 60 don’t like smart devices

More precisely, 30% of people aged 40 to 49 and 30% of French men prefer smart hubs such as Google Nest and Amazon Alexa. Furthermore, 26% of French men appreciate security systems such as the doorbell. Just like 31% of French people aged 50 and over. But they are not particularly attracted to smart devices. Quite the opposite, from people between 30 and 49 years old who like these high-tech products.

Smart security devices in demand for Black Friday 2023

On Black Friday 2023, people who planned to buy smart home devices 30% opted for smart security devices, according to YouGov research for Readly. They also chose to equip themselves with lighting devices (26%), heating devices (24%), connected televisions (23%), connected healthcare objects (21%) and connected kitchen devices (18%).

Internet, main source of information about products

As usual, the majority of French people (45%) turn to the Internet to obtain information about smart products to buy or to obtain comparisons and reviews. Just over a third (35%) prefer to turn to friends or family. A small portion (11%) tends towards technology magazines. It would be a reliable source due to its in-depth reviews, expert usage tips, and latest updates to stay ahead of the curve.

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