5 essential items to protect your home during the holidays


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It is known that end-of-year celebrations and summer holidays are the times of year when robberies are most common. A study carried out by the police and gendarmerie in 2017 states that 27% of intrusions occur during these periods. In winter, criminals take advantage of the lack of light to steal valuable objects. During the holidays and more specifically in the summer, they take advantage of the owners’ long absences to repress. Given these increased risks, it is important Equip yourself well to protect your home during the holidays. Surveillance camera, security kits, safes… Detailed review of the essential devices to leave with peace of mind.

Summary :

  • The Eufy surveillance camera, your anti-theft ally
  • A Somfy home automation box, to simulate a presence
  • A Ring surveillance kit, for essential “security”
  • A Steinel infrared motion detector
  • A high-security Yale safe to protect your valuables

Our selection of essentials to protect your home during the holidays:

The Eufy surveillance camera, your anti-theft ally

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The presence of a surveillance camera is one of the Most Effective Ways to Keep a Thief OutA. It is important to invest in a model that will perform well in the event of an intrusion. We advise you the Eufy surveillance camera to effectively protect your home. Day and night, with your 4K Night Vision, allows you to detect any potential intruder. It also has artificial intelligence, called AI BionicMic, which memorizes family faces and differentiates them from strangers. In case of suspicious presence, the system directly alerts the owner. Equipped with integrated solar panels, the camera is energy independent and recharges with just two hours of sunlight per day. The kit includes two cameras and a HomeBase data centralization, which can work with Alexa or Google Home. The device does not require a subscription, a real advantage!


A Somfy home automation box, to simulate a presence


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Simulate a human presence is advice often given to prevent a robbery. When your neighborhood is also on vacation, it is difficult to apply this recommendation. A home automation box, in this case, is naturally necessary. The device Somfy Tahoma Switch is one of the most convincing models. It allows control and centralize all equipment in the housen remotely via the app, but also via smart control or via a voice assistant like Alexa. You can program your connected devices individually or in groups. To prevent an intrusion, it will be relevantautomate the opening and closing of motorized blinds at specific times, as well as certain lights in the house. Equipping a Somfy home automation box will also allow you save time in your daily life outside of holidays. In short, a smart purchase.


A Ring surveillance kit, for essential “security”


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Are you looking for a first use equipment ? O Ring Alarm Kit allows you to have the essential security to go on vacation with peace of mind. It is equipped with 13 piecesincluding all essential elements, namely a external siren, six contact sensorstkings motion detectors, a range extender AND a numeric keypad. You can monitor your devices remotely using the Ring mobile app. You can add other devices later to improve your security system. The Ring Alarm Kit is quick to install thanks to a more intuitive installation manual.


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A Steinel infrared motion detector


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Protecting your interior is just as important as your exterior. O Steinel motion detector adapts to both environments. Thanks to your infrared sensorhe accurately detects variations in radiation induced by the presence of a foreign body and automatically activates the alarm system. It is important to attach it to the wall, at a height of 2 meters to 2.5 meters, in a corner to monitor an environment. The Steinel motion detector has a very reliable detection angle 140 degrees with 180 degrees adjustable lens. It is equipped with a Long range which covers a distance of 14 meters. To protect a home, it is preferable to equip each entrance strategically and sensitively.


A high-security Yale safe to protect your valuables


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According to the National Observatory of Delinquency and Criminal Responses (ONDRP), the most sought after valuables are jewelry. They concern almostone in every two robberies. To protect these precious jewels, it is advisable to equip yourself with a good safe. Let’s favor one model and a recognized brand in the sector, as high security safe from the American brand Yale. Made from armored steel with anti-drilling plates, provides maximum protection for your valuable belongings. It is equipped with a eletronic lock where almost 100,000 combinations are possible. Its installation is reliable, thanks to the possibility of fixing to the floor or wall with pre-drilled holes.


5 additional tips from the Europe 1 guide to prevent theft

Last year, one robbery every 90 seconds was registered in France. To protect yourself from a malicious act, it is best to equip yourself as fully as possible. Is important strengthen your front door in many ways. We will give preference to an armored door equipped with a peephole and a three-hole lock. You can also equip your windows and doors vibration detectors. Some thieves do not hesitate to enter through your openings. During your absence, we recommend that you register withholiday tranquility operation. This way, the police or gendarmerie will regularly carry out surveillance rounds around your home. Finally, some everyday actions are important to know. It is better Don’t hide a spare key under the doormat or in the mailbox. When you lose your keys, it is also advisable to change the lock.

Why install an alarm in a home?

According to a 2021 Statista study, two thirds of French people consider an alarm to be a way of deterring thieves from approaching. Installing this surveillance equipment is, therefore, the essential step in protecting your home. With its strident noise, it is intended scare away malicious individuals. Once activated, the system alerts the owner. It also allows you to put the neighborhood on alert, which can quickly contact the police. Combined with a remote monitoring service, the device is very effective in limiting or preventing intrusion. Thanks to their sensors, new generation alarms also allowreturning from a domestic accident such as the start of a fire or a gas leak.

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