An artificial intelligence imagines the rugby stadium in Flers, it’s incredible

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O Bocage rugby club take an example of large displacements in Top 14. In fact, the association asked artificial intelligence to generate your stadium, the latest trends in social media.

A request completed in less than a minute

“I saw the images with the Top 14 and Pro D2 teams and found the good concept. So, I said to myself: why not do something for us”, explains François Muratet, social media manager at the Bocage Rugby club.

It is the second stadium, above, that won the survey proposed by the Rugby club du bocage. © IA Bing

The idea caught on and Flérien took advantage artificial intelligence for free on the internet. “The principle is simple: we type our request in a request bar and the image is generated in less than a minute », indicates the person in question. Incredible speed!

A specific request

At his request, François Muratet tried about twenty times to find a beautiful decoration at the Bocage club. Colors, region, sport, name… No detail is forgotten. The social media manager selects two results that he places in competition on the club page.

We use an eccentric side to interact with the community and offer different content.

François Muratet, social media manager at Bocage Rugby club

“I’ve never had so many interactions, I didn’t think it would take this craze. People joined in”, explains the club member.

Ideas for the future?

The voting is extremely close and the final result has been decided within a single voice. Verdict: the second stage is chosen. Enough to come up with ideas for a future venue dedicated to rugby players?

“We will send the image to The city hall“, smiles François Muratet, before becoming serious again. “No, you need the money and the team. » This will remain a sweet dream.

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