EPITA, this school that trains cybersecurity engineers in Toulouse

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Faced with the emergence of cyber threats, a school in Toulouse offers an engineering cycle with different specializations in cyber security. The most recent concerns the security and protection of embedded systems. Guaranteed employment upon departure.

To combat cyber attacks, which have increased in recent years, especially in aeronautics, cyber experts are increasingly needed.is wanted AND become a rare commodity. OI don’t believe he would be missing today In France 15,000 engineers in cyber security.

IEPITA, The computer engineering school specialized in this area, try answersD he has that growing demand offering a dedicated course. VSrebuilt in 1984 in Paris, It isshe is deployed in several cities French* including Toulouse since 2018.

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Next summer, EPITA will move from the Matabiau district to the Cartoucherie district.

Located in the Matabiau neighborhood, the establishment in 1,500 m² formand around 300 students per year to professionsengineers specializing in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence andThere are a large number of IT domains.

Security and It isembedded intelligence security

I’school offers a three-year engineering cycle with no less than sixteen specializations, Majors, It ist several cin relation to cybersecurity. Ian important System, Network and Security (SRS) for example, aim master cybersecurity issues and what to do in the face of a cyber threat. The SRS engineer is moving towards the role of information systems security manager. The Cybersecurity and Systems (CS) Course, available through apprenticeship, form Also engineers specialized in information security, systems and networks linked to the Ilaboratory It isEletronic securityPITA BREAD. AND recentlya new cyber specialization was raised In Toulouse. We launch in 2022, an important embedded intelligence security and protection event (SSIE)explains Evelyne Rebut, director of the site. It is only offered to Toulouse because there is here many companies working on embedded systems In different sectors. »

EPITA offers several engineering courses in the field of cybersecurity in Toulouse.

EPITA offers several engineering courses in the field of cybersecurity in Toulouse.
EPITA – Manu Déjean

Whether in aeronautics, automobiles or even space, systemIt is on boardIt is they are everywhere. Domitted quasi systematically inartificial intelligence, againstthey are componentIt is miniaturized we should be powerfulIt iscleverIt is, communicatingIt is it is clear secure so that no hacker can interfere in the data exchange. Students on this course therefore follow guided and practical courses and work to ensure this.IWe must always find innovative solutions to combat cyber attacks because they evolve over time” summary Ghada Gharbi, professor-researcherat EPITA.

When they leave, cybersecurity engineers will certainly find a job. In front of the enthusiasm generated by this sectorEPITA is thinking What is more Open for the next back to school a new specialization in cybersecurity. The school will Also expand to respond to there request. Next summer, she will move to the neighborhood of the Cartoucherie. There it will share with IPSA, also a member of the IONIS group, the main private higher education group in France, a building measuring approximately 5,000 m² on eight levels.

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EPITA is organizing an open day at its facilities in Toulouse on December 9th from 9:30am to 5pm. As places are limited, a advance registration is required.

*Lyon, Rennes, Strasbourg, Toulouse, Paris.

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