for a positive vision of the energy transition

In Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, states meet to negotiate the commitments identified by the COP organizer: the tripling of renewable energy, financing the ecological transition, aid to Southern countries, or even adaptation to climate change.
Outside the negotiating tables, NGOs, civil society and companies are invited to listen and contribute to the debate. Despite the acceleration of global decarbonization efforts, the goals of the Paris Agreement are not on track to be achieved. In fact, according to the UN, current policies will lead to global warming of almost 2.6°C by 2100 if we meet our commitments, and 3°C if we maintain our current trajectory.

A positive dynamic has certainly begun: since the Paris Agreements, States have initiated action plans that cover 95% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Half of emissions can now be eliminated thanks to identified and operational levers. But inflation, the energy crisis and geopolitical tensions are disrupting this dynamic. Furthermore, some stakeholders are concerned about the cost of the energy transition and call for reducing global ambitions. However, the risks are colossal and there is urgency.

ENGIE has a central responsibility in responding to climate challenges and supporting each of its customers in their decarbonization process. Participation in COP28 reflects this deep conviction that transition is possible, realistic and even desirable for everyone. We must move forward, together and at a sustained pace.

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