Here are Belgians’ favorite apps

The emergence of smartphones has significantly changed our relationship with these types of devices, originally designed to allow us to remain accessible even on the move. In question ? The emergence of mobile applications. Almost 90% of the time spent on our smartphone is spent on an app.

News : The 2023 report from mobile data analytics company (formerly App Annie).

  • Globally, 255 billion applications were downloaded in 2022, proof that they occupy an important place in our lives.
  • A boon for the advertising industry, because these small software programs offer privileged access to the consumer.
  • That’s why it spent less than $336 billion on apps in 2022.

The detail: The data provided by the analysis company allows us to have a very precise idea of ​​how Belgians use their smartphones, as highlighted At night who managed to access the report.

Gone are the days when cell phones were simply used to call, receive and send text messages. Today, it is a shopping platform at your fingertips. And the Belgians are well aware of this.

  • E-commerce applications are particularly popular among Belgian consumers.
  • During the last 30 days, it is Temuthe latest addition Chinese dropshippingwhich was the most downloaded.
    • It must be said that the brand is carrying out a strong marketing campaign to convince Belgians to use its services.
  • The Action store chain is in 5th placeIt is place, followed by Shein.
  • Note that the My bpost application, although not a commerce platform, rounds out the top 3. A position certainly linked to the fact that it is used to receive and return orders.

Precision : The period is favorable for online shopping, with Black Friday, Cyber ​​​​Monday and simply the end-of-year holidays approaching. The ranking of the most downloaded applications in the last 30 days is therefore truncated by context.

  • The applications mentioned above are, in fact, far away in the ranking of the applications most installed by Belgians.

Social networks, stars

In fact, when we look at the services that have the most users, we observe very different results. And it is obviously social networks and communication applications that occupy the top of the ranking.

  • goal reigns supreme with Whatsapp at the top of the ranking, followed by Facebook.
    • Messenger arrives at 7It is place, followed by Instagram.
  • The other big giant that has occupied a prominent place is obviously Google. Remember that the Mountain View company owns Chromebut also YouTubein Game store it’s from Gmail.
    • Chrome arrives in 3It is position, followed by YouTube. The other two occupy 9th and 10th positions.

Screen time

But installation does not necessarily mean use. In fact, we’ve known for a long time that Facebook is losing strength and that its user numbers are falling regularly. If we take screen time into account, it’s Chinese TikTok which ranks first among the most popular apps among Belgians. However, it is in 12th place in terms of facilities.

  • But Meta rest assured, Facebook is still very popular in Belgium. The social network occupies third place on the podium, ahead of YouTube.
  • In terms of use, leisure applications largely occupy the ranking, particularly with the game Roblox or Netflix.
  • As for office software, it is absent from the 100 most used applications.
    • Manufacturers will have to review their arguments if they want to sell foldable smartphones in Belgium.

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