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Security in our homes is essential and that is why Nuki continues to offer increasingly sophisticated solutions to its customers. In recent years, connected locks have become an essential element to reinforce the security of our homes while offering maximum comfort. Today we present you the new Nuki Smart Lock 4 and Nuki Smart Lock 4 Pro.

Created to meet the expectations of increasingly demanding users in terms of technology and control, the Nuki Smart Lock 4 It is intended to be a notable evolution in relation to the previous version 3.0, whose success no longer needs to be demonstrated. In fact, these new smart locks are compatible with the Matter protocol and autonomous in terms of connection, without the need to use a bridge or additional module. A feature that offers the possibility of controlling the lock from home or abroad via your home network. The manufacturer also promises that this new generation of connected locks also stands out for its increased battery life.


The new features brought by Nuki Smart Lock 4 and its Pro version

Even simpler installation

Ease of installation has been revised and improved to make the transition to the Nuki Smart Lock 4 more intuitive, the manufacturer promises. Now just follow a few simple steps to assemble the lock and enjoy its many benefits.

More advanced features

Also according to Nuki, the Smart Lock 4 Pro also stands out for its superior level of intelligence. Equipped with the same features as the basic version, it also offers:

  • Better autonomy management for optimal battery life
  • A presence detection system that automatically opens the door when you approach it
  • Wide compatibility with voice assistants like Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Siri.

The main differences between the Nuki Smart Lock 4 and the Nuki Smart Lock 4 Pro

In addition to the previously mentioned advanced features for the Pro version, here are some key elements you should take into consideration when making your choice:

  • Price: The Pro has a higher price, justified by its additional features;
  • Design: slightly different, the two models nevertheless have a sober and modern style suitable for all types of interior decoration
  • Compatibility: The Pro version is only compatible with certain brands and models of locks.

Which Nuki Smart Lock 4 connected locks to choose?

Even though the Nuki Smart Lock 4 is less equipped than its Pro version, it remains an interesting alternative for people who want to protect their home in an intelligent way, without spending significant amounts of money.

On the other hand, if we are looking for a high quality lock that offers a greater level of intelligence and control, the Nuki Smart Lock 4 Pro It undeniably looks like one of the best options on the market right now.

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