Ikea launches three smart and affordable sensors for the home

The Swedish furniture giant has just announced new connected accessories for the home. Three smart and very affordable sensors will appear in the manufacturer’s catalog early next year.

Ikea has just announced three new products for its home automation accessories catalog. The Swedish company, which already offers a wide choice of connected objects for the home, such as air purifiers, lighting or speakers, will enrich its offer with three new smart sensors focused on home security.


Firstly, two classics, with a door and window opening and closing detector called Parasoll, which attaches to leaves and allows residents to be warned of an intrusion through a notification, and a motion sensor called Vallhorn, designed to internal and external environments. use, capable of turning on lights if a presence is detected. More original, the Badring is a leak detector, to be placed on the ground close to areas or equipment that use water, such as a washing machine or sink.


The three sensors are designed to be connected via the same manufacturer’s Dirigera hub and will be controllable via the Ikea Home Smart app. They can also trigger other equipment connected to Ikea, such as alarms or lights. For communication, the detectors will use the protocol Zigbee, like the rest of Ikea’s line of connected objects. Remember that this is a wireless communication technology different from Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, which is widespread in the communications sector. Automation due to its low energy consumption.

Good news, the three devices promise to be compatible with connected equipment management applications from main competitors, such as Google Home, Apple Home or Amazon Alexa Smart Home. However, compatibility with the Matter open communication protocol is not guaranteed at this time.

Alongside these completely classic features, it is their price that constitutes an excellent surprise: all advertised under the symbolic bar of ten dollars ($9.99 for the Rarasoll and Badring, and $7.99 for the Vallhorn), there is a good chance of which are sold for around 10 euros on the French market. The three products are announced for the first half of 2024 in the United States, with no launch window in Europe at the moment.

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