Perpignan. 25,000 families will be able to save money thanks to this free box

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Perpignan City Council has just announced a partnership with Voltalis, a company specialized in intelligent management of consumption and energy savings. To do this, Voltalis offers a box to install at home for free. In Game? Until 15% energy savings.

The box regulates your heating

Of today, 24,620 homes of eligible Perpignan residents (see box below) can request the free installation of this “ecocitizen connected thermostat”.

How it works ? Voltalis offers the installation of a small box connected to each of its electric radiators. The appliance will be able to regulate your heating by limiting its consumption for a very short period (around ten minutes).

According to Voltalis, the installation would save up to 15% on energy bills. And it’s completely free for individuals (Voltalis is paid directly by RTE).

Which families are eligible in Perpignan?

Residents of Perpignan with electric heating, owners and tenants, can benefit from this 100% free box. To do this, Perpignans can make an appointment by calling 05 40 25 69 96 or emailing (email protected).

Installation is carried out by an approved technician, usually local. It lasts around 2.5 hours for standard accommodation.

A system to avoid the risk of blackouts

“This system also contributes to the security of electricity supply for all French people and to the reduction of CO2 emissions. In fact, when the electrical system needs it, particularly during winter consumption peaks, the Voltalis device can modulate the consumption of the equipped heating appliances, while preserving the comfort of the occupants”, guarantees Voltalis.

The more homes equipped with this system, the more stable the electricity grid would become. “This reduces the risk of blackouts and prevents the launch of gas, fuel oil or coal thermal plants that emit high levels of greenhouse gases,” adds the French company.

Perpignan Méditerranée Métropole also signs partnership

In addition to Perpignan, the inhabitants of the other 35 municipalities of Perpignan Mediterranean Metropolis (PMM) will soon be able to claim this system at home. In fact, on Monday, November 27, 2023, the community council voted in favor of a partnership between PMM and Voltalis.

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Throughout the territory of the urban community, 68,000 housing units (including 24,620 from Perpignan) are eligible. “The initial objective is to quickly equip 8,000 primary residences,” announced Marc Medina, vice president responsible for sustainable development.

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