premium at a reduced price?

We’ve been seeing it for some time now, the Chinese market is taking a turnaround, with an increase in the power of national brands and a drop in sales of European or American champions. Premium Chinese manufacturers play the card of patriotism and, above all, a formidable combination of high standards and hyper-competitive prices. But here, it is the ultra-premium segment that would be the direct target, with the Lucid Air, Mercedes S Class and other BMW i7s in the crosshairs. Chinese consumer electronics giant Skywell has unveiled its new Skyworth Skyhome electric limousine, which it claims offers the comfort and luxury levels of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class at 4 to 5 times cheaper! Is this really possible?

A worthy presentation

The photos show a concept that is approximately 90% close to the final production version. The Skyhome features clean lines – and it must be said quite pleasant without being original, mixing Tesla and Porsche influences: it’s a long four-door coupe with recessed door handles, antagonistic doors that open without a pillar, digital mirrors, a full-length panoramic roof. , LED headlights.

Inside, the driver is presented with a Tesla-style steering wheel and a huge, full-width curved screen that combines the instrument panel and infotainment system that extends to the passenger side. Ambient lighting and luxurious use of premium materials create an atmosphere that belies its price.

It’s in the back seat that you can enjoy some of the new Skyhome’s most innovative technologies. Second-row passengers get a huge flexible screen that slides from the roof to provide a cinematic experience on the move, similar to what BMW offers with the “theater screen”, not forgetting an on-board refrigerator at the rear of the center console or additional screens integrated into the rear of the front headrests, in case you and your passenger prefer to see different things. The Skyhome’s two rear seats can be reclined into a sleeping position and even have a foot massage function.

An AI “that wishes you good luck”? 1984

According to the manufacturer, the vehicle is full of innovative technologies. The cornice wings recede as the car moves, reducing wind resistance by 3% and maintaining range. In case of emergency braking, the wing can also tilt by 5%, increasing braking power.

The smart assistant “Ten Smart Butlers” uses artificial intelligence to help the driver with everything from time management to development planning – even with “financial advisors” and “emotional protection”, whatever that means. The Skyhome Intelligent system can understand complex commands and is always on standby, allowing occupants’ wishes to be fulfilled at any time.

There is even a system that can monitor vital signs without contact. According to the manufacturer, it uses human medical biometrics and can “carry out assessment and early intervention on users’ disease risks”. Should we be careful about what we say in the car too?

The new manufacturer doesn’t appear to have sacrificed performance, with two powertrain options available: single motor/two-wheel drive and dual motor/AWD, the latter producing 460 kW of power, or more than 600 HP. 0 to 100 km/h would be done in just 3.5 seconds. The luxury sedan features a sophisticated suspension system, called “Skyworth Aladdin 1.0”which features a double wishbone front setup, multi-link rear suspension and, we assume, air suspension.

There is no exact date for when the Skyworth Skyhome limousine will go on sale, although it is expected to hit the Chinese market next year. The most expensive model would only cost 250,000 yuan, or 32,000 euros! . On paper, this could deal a serious blow to the anthill in the luxury limousine segment.

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