Why all media libraries in the Saint-Nazaire area will close (at least) for a week

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In Monday, December 4, 2023the ten media libraries of the agglomeration of La Carenethe agglomeration of Saint Nazairewill be closed. When they reopen, within a week or two (depending on the municipality), users will be able to benefit from a common website.

The ten structures are working on their network organization, with the creation of a common website. This project requires a global re-informatization of the network, all media libraries in the city will be closed for a week, at the beginning of December: from Monday 4th to Monday 11th December inclusive (and even December 18 to the media library Étienne Caux of Saint-Nazaire).

One map, one website

Once the single website is launched, the common space will simplify lending, enrich the loan catalog and offer new digital offers to media library users. A single card for users (subject to Pornichet and Saint-Nazaire conditions), a single address for the website: mediatheques.saintnazaireagglo.fr

Extended loans and reserves

During this week of closure, users will not be able to borrow or return documents, nor access digital resources (websites and online resources). Loans and reserves will be extended accordingly.

Renovations in Saint-Nazaire

In Saint-Nazaire, the Anne Frank library and mobile bookstore will also benefit from this re-computerization and will be closed from December 4th to 11th inclusive.

The Étienne Caux media library will take advantage of its closing hours, from December 4th to 18th inclusive, to remodel and reorganize its reception and return areas. Full automation of loans and returns is mainly expected after its reopening.

Please note that the digital library website will close in December 2023.

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