3 tips from Homematic IP to save energy as winter approaches

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Leer (Germany) – November 30, 2023: Homematic IP, German brand eQ-3 specialized in home automation, shares 3 tips for optimizing your energy consumption through good management of temperature, light and appliances. Adopting new habits can sometimes seem restrictive, but in the long term, it allows you to reduce your energy bill and be more respectful of the environment.

1. Smart products to save money

Changing your daily habits has a big impact on your energy consumption, but relying on technology can provide a real boost. That’s why equipping your home with connected solutions not only makes life easier, but can also help you save money by adopting ecologically responsible behavior.

There are many products that can help you consume energy intelligently and consciously: connected radiator thermostats, wall thermostats, window and door contacts, light actuators or even plug-in switches. Home automation products are becoming increasingly popular due to their tried and tested effectiveness and benefits.

Pro tip: an experiment carried out by a German company in 2022, using connected Homematic IP thermostats, managed to reduce its own heating energy consumption by more than 50% compared to previous years, thanks to intelligent control and preset temperature in offices. The thermostat control was connected directly to the company’s room booking tool, allowing for precise temperature regulation in offices.

2. Keep an eye on your consumption

Visualizing and quantifying the energy consumed allows you to understand the real impact of your actions. This makes it possible to identify the habits that cost the most and the areas of the home that need to be improved. Using a smart application allows you to control energy consumption, temperature and the on/off status of devices throughout the home, contributing to responsible and controlled consumption.

Thanks to an application like Homematic IP, which is directly linked to the different solutions in the house, it is possible not only to monitor their status, but also to control them. For example, if you go to work and forget to turn off the heating in the morning, you can turn it off with one click using thermostats connected directly to the app.

Pro Tip: Don’t forget about standby devices! According to a report by Enea Energy (2022), all forgotten appliances can represent up to 10% of the energy bill.

3. Analyze your habits to adapt the features of your home

Just like automatically turning off street lights, knowing your real energy consumption, creating new habits and implementing a routine will help you avoid wasting energy. In the Homematic IP app, users can predefine heating and switching profiles, which can be adapted to their daily routine. It is also possible to automate the temperature and light intensity settings in the house. You don’t need to worry about energy consumption on a daily basis, just set the time to activate or deactivate a function.

Pro Tip: Turning off the heating and turning off the lights when leaving home in the morning, then increasing the temperature before returning and turning on the lights when approaching home will combine a cozy atmosphere and efficient energy consumption. While it is true that a small gesture can make a difference, systematizing daily actions to reduce consumption can lead to significant savings in the long term.

Having knowledge of the sources of consumption, the waste that can be reduced and having the possibility of acting in an agile, immediate and intelligent way on the parameters of houses and other spaces, allows not only to reduce energy costs, but also to live better in an environment that perfectly meets the needs of consumers. Homematic IP products allow users to control their consumption in an intelligent and intuitive way, even remotely, thanks to the free and secure application that does not retain any user data. Taking advantage of personalized profiles, it is possible to configure the solutions so that they respond effectively to your needs, integrating perfectly into your day-to-day life.

About Homematic IP:

Homematic IP is a brand of the eQ-3 AG group, a leader in the field of smart home and energy efficiency. In 2007, the company eQ-3 AG was created from the company ELV, which had existed for more than 40 years. eQ-3 AG has many cutting-edge technologies, especially in the areas of heating control, energy management and home control. The company has a significant portfolio of dedicated patents. Homematic IP is also the first home automation platform based on the IPv6 protocol. It was awarded for the seventh consecutive time as a data protection compatible smart home solution (AV-TEST Institute) and is the only smart home system to have been awarded six times in a row by VDE, the German Electrical Energy Federation. Engineering.

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