Attack in Jerusalem, COP28 and security flaws in applications… Franceinfo reported Thursday, November 30, 2023

Around Bérengère Bonte and Jean-François Achilli, those in the know debate the news of Thursday, November 30, 2023.


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Those informed by franceinfo of Thursday, November 30, 2023 (Franceinfo)


A shooting occurred this Thursday morning in Jerusalem, leaving three dead and several injured. Hamas claimed responsibility for the midday attack, while calling for an “escalation of resistance” against Israel. A shooting attack occurred minutes after the truce in the Gaza Strip was extended at the last minute. It was scheduled to end at 6am this morning, but was extended by 24 hours. Another highlight of the day was the release of young French-Israeli Mia Scham and Hamas’ announcement of the death of a baby hostage. Accuracy with our local reporter Valentin Dunate with the technical means of Benjamin Thuau.

Opening of COP28 in Dubai, can we save the climate in the land of oil? the president of the climate conference calls for “include responsibility for fossil fuels” in the final agreement. Where are the promises of the Paris agreement, eight years later? What were previous cops used for? What to expect from this one? We talked about this with François Gemenne, IPCC rapporteur, professor at Sciences Po and the University of Liège, specialist in environmental geopolitical issues.

Élisabeth Borne prohibits her ministers from using Whatsapp, Telegram or Signal. The Prime Minister asked members of her government and their teams on Wednesday, November 29, through a circular, to stop using messaging services such as WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal on their phones and computers. And that from next week. Question of security or sovereignty?

The informed:

Clément Pétreault. Deputy editorial director of Le Point

Clara Planchard. Editor-in-chief General information about the Ebra group

Bruno Cautres. CNRS researcher at CEVIPOF, Political Life Research Center, professor at Sciences PO


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