Bluetooth security flaws have allowed connections to be hijacked on all devices since 2014

Billions of Bluetooth devices are in grave danger. A study carried out by EURCOM researchers warns of a new MITM threat that could affect any device compatible with the wireless transmission protocol.


Bluetooth is a very old technology, but it continues to evolve over the years. Last May, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) announced that a major update would be deployed to double the bandwidth of the wireless transmission protocol.

On the other hand, we also know that technology can be used to harm, how to track a smartphone. A new attack targeting Bluetooth has just been discovered and could put billions of devices at risk.

Billions of devices at risk of Bluetooth attack

In a new investigation, EURCOM researchers warn of a new attack targeting the Bluetooth protocol. The threat called BLFFS (Future and Future Bluetooth Secrecy Attacks and Defenses) intended to pairing device forces devices to reveal their encryption procedure. MITM Attack Hits devices with very short encryption keysthat is, those with less than 7 bytes.

Remember that a “Man In The Middle” attack allows a hacker to intercept communication between two systems, usually to recover data. EURCOM indicates that all Bluetooth-enabled devices are vulnerable to the BLUFFS attack, as it directly threatens the protocol architecture.

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For this attack to be successful, the attacking device must be within wireless range of two vulnerable Bluetooth devices, which initiate an encryption procedure using a link key obtained through pairing procedures. », Specify the researchers. However, EURCOM shares recommendations for GIS to reduce the risk of attack, such as strengthening the strength of encryption keys.

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Clearly, pirates don’t lack imagination to get around the law using Bluetooth. In October, an American hacker revealed that he had hacked several police equipment to retrieve intervention videos.

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