Redmi Watch 4: Xiaomi formalizes a new connected watch at a low price

On the occasion of the official launch of the Redmi K70 in China, Xiaomi presented new accessories for smartphones: headphones, the Redmi Buds 5 Pro, and a watch, the Redmi Watch 4. Regarding this second product, the Chinese brand is clearly inspired by the high standard to attract consumers who want to invest less than 100 euros in a smart watch.

Seductive inspirations for Xiaomi’s Redmi Watch 4

With the Redmi Watch 4, Xiaomi has clearly taken inspiration from the competition. This new connected watch undoubtedly borrows design elements from theApple Watch.

We find the traditional rectangular shape of Apple models, also with a brushed metal chassis and rotating crown. Xiaomi obviously opted for a proprietary bracelet system here, with its watch being devoid of external horns. Wristbands compatible with the Redmi Watch 4, like the ones that come with your tracker Smart Band 8however, it integrates some, to give a little more elegance to your watch.

In terms of display, the Redmi Watch 4 has a 1.97-inch Amoled screen with a definition of 390 x 450 pixels and a maximum brightness of 600 cd/m². On the customization side, 200 dials are available, which can be displayed throughout the day thanks to the mode ever.

For health monitoring, Xiaomi’s latest smartwatch has it all: accelerometers, gyroscope, heart rate sensor, oximeter and GPS. Recording your workouts, whether in the gym or outdoors, is no problem.

As with other models without watchOS and Wear OS, the advertised autonomy is excellent. Xiaomi’s Redmi Watch 4 should last 10 days with the mode ever20 days in traditional use and 30 days in energy saving mode thanks to the 470 mAh battery.

Finally, Xiaomi continues to push its proprietary ecosystem by announcing that this connected watch works under HiperOS. This does not prevent the Redmi Watch 4 from ensuring compatibility with Android smartphones from other manufacturers, as well as Apple iPhones.

Currently official in China, the Redmi Watch 4 has a price set at 499 yuan (≈ 64 euros without tax). Its international launch does not seem excluded, given that the Redmi Watch 3 appeared quickly on the French market, just a few months after its official launch in China. Remember that the launch price of this watch was €149.99.

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