Signal criticizes Elisabeth Borne’s circular that puts her safety at risk

Meredith Whittaker, president of Signal, denounces “erroneous information” about “security vulnerabilities” present in the main messaging applications mentioned in a circular signed by Elisabeth Borne.

Criticism doesn’t pass. Meredith Whittaker, head of messaging service Signal, harshly criticized Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne’s circular on the messaging app’s lack of security.

If she does not contest the decision, which requires ministers and cabinet members to dismiss, before December 8, all unaudited messaging apps by the National Information Systems Security Agency (ANSSI), – and in particular by Signal – Meredith Whittaker was moved, in a message published on Wednesday, November 30 on Twitter, by the questioning of the level of security in force at Signal.

The circular accuses, in fact, “the main consumer instant messaging applications (…) of having security vulnerabilities” and of “not guaranteeing the security of conversations and information shared through them”.

“Don’t spread wrong information”

“The French Prime Minister is forcing ministers to use a small French messaging app (Olvid, editor’s note). Okay. But I am alarmed that she cites ‘security flaws’ in Signal to justify this decision. This statement is not supported by no evidence and is dangerously misleading, especially from the government,” she criticized.

“If you want to use a French product, go ahead! But don’t spread misinformation along the way. Signal is independently audited, open source, and our protocol has been tested for over 10 years. We take on the issue of We take responsible disclosure seriously and prioritize all reports to,” continued the Signal president.

The French alternative Olvid

These statements come at a time when the circular, addressed to all ministers and cabinet members, obliges them to resign for WhatsApp, Telegram and Signal for the benefit of Olvid, a French application. Available for free for iOS and Android, it is presented by the government as the alternative for use from now on.

“I ask you to take all measures to ensure the deployment of the Olvid application on the phones and computers of members of the Government and ministerial offices, replacing any other instant messages implemented outside the public domain, no later than December 8, 2023”, thus requires it to be circulated.

The document also indicates that government members can use chapteranother French secure messaging app deployed in 2019.

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