the essential accessory to have at home that some operators offer for free!

Are you tired of having a bad Wi-Fi network in certain rooms in your house? Know that there is a solution: it is WIFI repeater. This accessory allows you to extend the Wi-Fi network emitted by the internet box to cover a larger area and thus improve the quality of the connection. Well placed in your home, the repeater allows you to extend the Wi-Fi network throughout your home. And the good news is that some operators allow their new customers to benefit from a repeater for free. But you’ll find that one carrier is even more generous.

With Free, a repeater included with Freebox Pop and Delta

For free, to take advantage of a Wi-Fi repeater included on request, you must be subscribed to one of the operator’s two core and high-end boxes. So, with the Freebox Pop and Freebox Delta, you benefit from the Pop Wi-Fi repeater. Enough to make the most of the exceptional flow rates of these two boxes: 5 Gb/s for Freebox Pop and 8 Gb/s for Freebox Delta.

These two free offerings are also equipped with the latest Wi-Fi standards: Wi-Fi 6 for the Freebox Pop and the Wi-Fi 6E for Freebox Delta.

SFR: a repeater offered with the premium box

At SFR it is the most expensive and efficient box that also allows you to enjoy a free Wi-Fi repeater. In fact, the SFR Premium box, which offers fiber connection up to 8 Gb/s Includes an included Wi-Fi repeater in your offer. Ideal for houses over 80 m2The SFR Smart Wi-Fi repeater allows you to transmit the wireless network in areas of the house that are not well covered by the internet box’s Wi-Fi.

Bbox Ultym: up to two free repeaters

We are advancing in the market with Bouygues Telecom, which is playing the generosity card, as it offers, with the Bbox Ultym, up to two Wi-Fi repeaters. With this nice bonus, the operator intends to show everyone that it continues to be a leader in Wi-Fi, as reported in the latest ARCEP report.

With the arrival of XGS-PON technology (only for intramural Paris), the operator’s top-of-the-line offer allows up to 8 Gb/s in 1.7 million Parisian homes. As for others, fiber speed can reach up to 2 Gb/s.

And the most generous ISP is…. Orange with up to three free repeaters

And yes, the most generous operator with repeaters is Orange. The historic supplier pampers its customers by offering up to 3 Wi-Fi repeaters with Livebox Max, the operator’s top-of-the-line box. With speeds of up to 2 Gb/s and Wi-Fi 6E, Livebox Max is one of the best deals on the internet in terms of flow. Thanks to repeaters, equipped with Wi-Fi 6 technology, you are guaranteed a high-performance network throughout your home.

If you have subscribed to Livebox Up, know that with this Internet offer, Orange allows you to benefit from a repeater.

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