they use ChatGPT daily, they tell us

ChatGPT is already a year old! In 12 months, hundreds of millions of people connected to ChatGPT, the artificial intelligence capable of generating texts or images, to ask for help. Whether for work or daily life, OpenAI’s generative AI can be very useful. The examples are legion: translating texts, writing impeccable emails, knowing which recipe to try with leftovers from the fridge, even softening a message you want to send to your ex, as is the case in the United States. France Inter collected testimonials from regular users of the conversational robot.

“It works more or less well”

Cyril, 46 years old, lives in Gironde. This computer and network assistant uses ChatGPT at work and in everyday life.

“I told ChatGPT that I was interested in AI topics and that I wanted to do some information monitoring. I asked him to give me all the latest news from the last seven days. At my request, he put it in a table and sorted it for me in order of relevance in a PDF.

I take a photo of my fridge with my phone and tell him it would be nice to have a recipe for tonight with the ingredients I have. It works more or less well. There are recipes that are sometimes a little crazy. Another example, I have a piece of furniture to assemble, I have a 26-page PDF manual. I ask ChatGPT to summarize everything and categorize it into steps to save time. I also asked ChatGPT how to lose weight, knowing that I have knee pain. It will target specific exercises. It will also offer culinary recipes adapted to the season.”

“The mail arrived in a quarter of a second”

Farah, 41, discovered ChatGPT when it launched. This press officer lives in Bouches-du-Rhône.

“At first, I was afraid it would become a habit as soon as I had a doubt, a lack of inspiration. I waited until April 2023 to actually go for it. I was impressed. I never take ChatGPT for granted. I use it for letters for administration, like taxes. I put a few words in and it made a complete document. It was perfect. I could have done it myself, but it’s the kind of stain that you brush away.

My younger brother had water damage in his apartment, he was exhausted without receiving any feedback from the landlord or real estate agent. I asked ChatGPT for a letter. The keywords were there, like “decent housing”. The mail went out in a quarter of a second. It remains a machine and it will not be angry, it remains factual. The letter was sent and the response was very quick.”

“ChatGPT summarized the Amazon review for a product”

Sébastien, 55 years old, lives in Belgium, near Charleroi. This food industry production manager says he is “a bit of a geek at heart.”

“For work, we had to make a “catch-up” hours agreement (tax-free overtime in Belgium). I provided links to ChatGPT where we talked about these recovery hours and asked him to write it down. make some corrections. Recently on Amazon, I copied and pasted all the reviews for a product, and ChatGPT summarized it to give me an idea.”

“He is excellent in synthesis, but not in analysis”

Marc, 44, lives in the southwest. This freelance industry editor writes for in-house magazines. He signed up to ChatGPT at the beginning of the year.

“I use it as a very effective, low-cost assistant. It doesn’t write for me. When ChatGPT came along, I thought ‘wow, there’s a danger’. But I preferred to see it as an opportunity. I use it to clean up my interview notes . It saves me time. He creates lists that I draw from to build content. I don’t copy and paste. I always rework the content. I have to go back to my own notes to check that he didn’t forget anything. And many Sometimes I forget things that I didn’t consider important, but that were actually important to me.

In my very specialized field of activity, it’s not good. He is excellent at synthesis, but not at analysis. He says some really stupid things. For now, I can’t trust ChatGPT. I don’t know how he uses the information he gives me, extracted from experts’ words. I don’t know if he takes advantage of this to improve. Maybe I’m digging my own grave.”

“I also use it to bring concrete ideas to life”

Guillaume, 35 years old, lives in the Paris region. This entrepreneur, digital transformation coach, has been working on artificial intelligence issues for several years. He just launched a YouTube channel about it.

“ChatGPT serves me in my business for content generation, project management, marketing communications. ChatGPT can offer me a task schedule for my day. I also use it to bring concrete ideas to life. Where do I use it more for word processing, with translation, spelling and grammar correction.

Although I strive to read all the content that comes my way, in large stories I don’t hesitate to ask for a summary or a summary of the key points. It’s a particle of time. But be careful, the robot can make mistakes. It is necessary to be vigilant. ChatGPT gives me a foundation.”

“Reformulation, translation, understanding, ChatGPT is unbeatable”

Paul-Alexandre is a 63-year-old computer scientist. He recently lived in Ille-et-Vilaine. He uses ChatGPT every day.

“When I have a letter to move out of an apartment, I will have it written by ChatGPT. Just like my children’s cover letters for university applications. The benefit of ChatGPT in giving a good “notice” (the command specifies what you type to ask the AI ​​to generate something), is to put it in context. This allows you to cleanly format an email to make it look sophisticated.

You have to be quite rich in context. I often have documents, it’s monstrous, I’ll ask ChatGPT to make a concise and very relevant summary. Reformulation, translation, understanding are elements where ChatGPT is unbeatable. It’s as interesting and powerful as the Internet. If he is in the analysis process, he does not yet feel our emotions. Maybe this is the next way.”

“You can never trust him with your eyes closed.”

Jean-Baptiste, 56 years old, lives in Morbihan. He runs a small publishing company and calls himself a “real geek”.

“I give ChatGPT some strange texts, with instructions to remove vague expressions and avoid repetitions. publishing a book of letters to psychics. My wife, who writes the book, writes as she talks. With ChatGPT I try to do something more written, without falling into Chateaubriand.

There will always be something to fix, but he will have done 90% of the work. Another example: I listen to music to help me with work. Here is my suggestion: “I want to improve my motivation, concentration and productivity while reducing anxiety and procrastination. Can you recommend music known to promote concentration and well-being?” Then I listed my favorite musical styles and examples of bands. I made playlists based on the recommendations. What surprises me is that it is accessible to everyone through an attractive interface.”

“ChatGPT is very good for generating code”

Johan, 37, organizes treasure hunts in Paris. ChatGPT helps with its creation.

“With my work, I create puzzles, and ChatGPT is not yet very strong in that area. But it’s a tool like Google can be to find words, expressions that fit well with my search. For example, I asked ChatGPT to explain memes found on the internet to me, as I couldn’t understand the jokes.

In imaging, there are some problems. As I set up Indiana Jones-themed treasure hunts, for copyright reasons, I cannot reference these characters. I prefer to talk about adventurers with hats, etc. I also have applications with puzzle games, with a lot of code (computer science, editor’s note). ChatGPT is very good at generating code.”

“The beginning of a new era where AI will save us time”

Emmanuel, 35 years old, lives in Seine-et-Marne. He discovered ChapGPT through YouTube channels.

“The robot allows me to write emails indicating only the important details, correct, rephrase or generate text such as social media marketing posts, debug my code or create code directly to save time. Put in a clean working draft and give me suggestions for This is the beginning of a new era in which AI will not do our work for us, but it will be a tool that will save us every day in certain tasks.

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