ReWalk Robotics introduces an AI-powered exoskeleton.

ReWalk Robotics successfully demonstrated a next-generation exoskeleton and the company said it has successfully integrated advanced sensing technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable autonomous decision-making in its latest exoskeleton prototype.

This milestone was achieved as part of the Israel Innovation Authority’s MAGNET incentive program, the Human-Robot Interaction Consortium (the HRI Consortium).

With leading researchers in the areas of robotics, behavioral sciences and human-computer interaction, the research aims to expand adoption by making the use of exoskeletons easier, more natural and more widely accepted.

We have successfully demonstrated that by combining advanced sensor technology and artificial intelligence, the ReWalk exoskeleton can detect and respond to changes in terrain, paving the way for a potential new generation of smart exoskeletons“, David Hexner, vice president of research and development at ReWalk, told reporters. “ We continue to advance our design goals for the next generation of exoskeletons, making them easier and safer to use, reducing user cognitive load, and expanding the use case to more activities of daily living. »

With today’s announcement, ReWalk continues its tradition of innovation in the design and practical use of exoskeletons for people living with spinal cord injuries.“added Larry Jasinski, CEO of ReWalk. “ As our recent success with Medicare continues to expand exoskeleton coverage, ReWalk is committed to making exoskeletons more accessible and easier to use across generations. We look forward to fully integrating these advances into future ReWalk exoskeletons.. »

Source: ODT Magazine and Valley of Israel

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