Senstar Technologies detection system recognized by the security industry.

Senstar Technologiesbased in Ramatgan, received the Platinum Award for Best Intrusion Detection and Prevention Solution at American Security Today’s ASTORS’ Homeland Security 2023 Annual Awards.

» Senstar MultiSensor is the culmination of more than 40 years of experience working with customers and the real-world challenges they face in intrusion detection. This revolutionary new system is unlike anything on the market“, declared Fabien Haubert, CEO of Senstar. “ Senstar is honored to be recognized for our efforts to continually advance perimeter security technologies that meet the changing needs of our customers“.

Senstar MultiSensor, launched in September, is an AI-based intrusion detection system that uses an integrated sensor fusion engine to intelligently synthesize data from multiple detection technologies. The system includes short-range radar, PIR, accelerometer, high-frequency vibration and image sensors.

The system offers a much higher probability of detection (Pd) than traditional sensors, while eliminating almost 100% of nuisance alarms. With real-time location capabilities and ground-level image capture, security personnel gain greater context of events as they occur, enabling the right decisions to be made at the right time.

The ‘ASTORS’ Homeland Security Awards program is specifically designed to recognize government solutions and vendors that provide added value, benefits and insights to end users across a variety of government, homeland security and public safety sectors.

As the nation continues to respond to growing internal and external threats, innovative solutions implemented to address these threats have led to considerable growth in the realm of homeland security.” said Michael Madsen, co-founder and publisher of American Security.

ASTORS nominations are evaluated based on technical innovation, interoperability, category-specific impact, overall industry impact, relationships with other industry technologies, and feasibility of application outside of the industry,” according to Tammy Waitt, Co-Founder and Editorial Director of American Security today.

Source: Benziga and Valley of Israel

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