Online fraud prevention

√Čbreuil. Internet fraud prevention. Gendarmerie Allier came to intervene about preventing internet fraud and what to do when you are a victim. Warrant Officers David Cavalier and Jean-Philippe Guignette, respectively security experts and new technology experts, reported a 43% increase in cybercrime in 5 years, hence the extreme vigilance that both individuals and companies must have in the face of attacks.

All forms of intrusion were listed to hack everyone’s information to the point of stealing their own identity and image. Numerous prevention tips have been provided: use a strong password, check the authenticity of attachments before opening them, update your antivirus, protect your mailbox as much as possible, update operating systems (tablets, computers, smartphones), back up your data etc.

It was recalled that the gendarmerie is always present to provide assistance in case of need and problems related to Internet fraud and that each police brigade or station has a contact person trained to respond to cybercrime, and that in case of doubt they can also obtain information on government-referenced websites.

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