Save energy to save money

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Every winter, Hydro-Québec reminds its customers to reduce electricity consumption during periods of high demand, i.e. between 6am and 9am and between 4pm and 8pm.

The state-owned company also offers financial incentives to encourage the reduction of electricity consumption.

For example, the winter credit option allows you to receive a credit on your bill if you reduce your electricity usage during extreme cold events.

Another example, with the Flex D tariffyou pay a price lower than the base rate of 1er December to March 31, except during extreme cold events.

  • In the event of extreme cold, you will be charged a higher price for electricity, with the idea of ​​encouraging you to shift non-essential consumption over time.

For businessesHydro-Québec offers, in particular, the energy demand management (GDP) tariff offer.

  • This offer allows businesses to benefit from a credit for electricity not consumed during winter peak periods.

To achieve this, companies can, for example, use other additional energy sources, or stop or transfer their production over time.

  • Thanks to this offer, in 2 years, the Coopérative des consommateurs de Lorette, in Quebec, obtained US$140,000.
  • During peak periods, an automated generator provides electricity to your buildings.

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Hydro-Québec also offers a paid home automation service called Hilo.

This service allows you to remotely manage the energy consumption of your home or office, using smart thermostats and other connected devices.

  • In periods of extreme cold, Hilo launches consumption reduction challenges for its customers.
  • Successfully completing these challenges not only reduces your bill but also accumulates cash rewards.

Apps can allow you to monitor your consumption in real time:

The app Ecofonte it also allows you to remotely adjust the temperature in your home.

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For companies, it may also be interesting to carry out an energy audit.

An energy audit consists of having an expert examine all the systems used in your workplace (lighting, heating, air conditioning) as well as in the building (exterior walls, foundations, roof, doors and windows) to assess the energy consumption to which they are associated. .

  • Recommendations for energy improvements can result in significant savings.

According to Michel Parent, energy auditor and consultant at the Canadian Energy Training Institute (CIET), it is possible, for most buildings, to “save 15% of costs by integrating cheap or even free measures” (LED lamps or wireless smart thermostats). .

  • “If, for example, you have a building with very few modern controls, or with ventilation running 24 hours a day, you can save up to 30% in costs”, he illustrates.

In short, saving energy this winter is possible, it’s even worth it. Plus, it’s good for the planet!

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