ChatGPT celebrates its first anniversary with over 110 million downloads and nearly $30 million through its mobile app.

The year was rich for GPT Chat after exploding onto the global stage on November 30, 2021. While AI is not a new thing, the average consumer has never experienced anything comparable to the invention of OpenAI, even with the proliferation of voice assistants over the past few years. Six months after ChatGPT went live on the web, its native mobile version arrived on iOS, followed by a Google Play version two months later. As the chatbot celebrates its first birthday,Mobile apps generated approximately $28.6 million in combined consumer spending, thanks to a relatively expensive monthly subscription that continues to grow in popularity.

ChatGPT Plus is the only purchase within the ChatGPT app and is a recurring subscription charged at 20 euros per month in Europe. This price is higher than many music and streaming services, but the platform clearly provides value for some of its users. Expenses have only increased as ChatGPT Plus has added new features and content inaccessible to free users.

Downloads from the first week of Google Play’s launch contributed to record weekly adoption of approximately 18 million new installs. That kind of dramatic adoption hasn’t been replicated since then, but combined iOS and Android downloads have grown in recent weeks, remaining above 4 million for the past five.

Ranking of the most popular chatbots on mobile

In the roughly six months since the iOS version of ChatGPT was released, the app has been at or very near the top in terms of downloads, consumer spending, and sessions spent interacting with the app.

For now, ChatGPT is leading ahead of some tough competitors in terms of total downloads, including number 2, Character AI, which is more of an entertainment and lifestyle app for those who want to chat with people. Pre-trained or custom AI friends, whether they are celebrities, world leaders, or fantasy and sci-fi characters.

India accounts for the largest share of ChatGPT’s 110 million installs at 18%, just ahead of the United States, which accounts for 17.5% of the total so far.

ChatGPT achieved a strong second place in cumulative consumer spending to date, surpassed only by Codeway’s Ask AI, which launched a few months before the OpenAI app. Unlike ChatGPT’s mobile offering, Ask AI offers users a series of low-cost IAPs for premium roles, ranging from one week to one year, and in two tiers, premium and elite.

Finally, when we consider the total number of sessions – that is, the number of times users opened these apps to chat with the chatbot within them – ChatGPT ranks third behind Chai and Character AI. This makes sense considering that the two highest-ranked apps are focused on interacting with many fictional characters in multiple AI-powered chats, which allows for the creation of a greater number of sessions overall. This could be due to a change as ChatGPT gets its own form of multiple personalities with special GPTs that can be created to help with specific tasks.

With continued interest and new reasons to explore its premium offering appearing at a steady pace, CharGPT is expected to add tens of millions of installs and revenue as the iOS launch date, planned for a year, approaches. Expect more in-depth analysis at that time, and expect to continue providing information on all major developments related to the app.

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