Hiconics solutions for off-grid and power outage users

Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive technology impressed at the fair “Solar Solutions Düsseldorf 2023” with its latest Minergy and Wisdom series residential energy storage solution.

The series covers a wide range of home energy storage solutions, from single-phase and three-phase batteries to multi-functional integrated batteries and split-type energy storage. These provide reliable, continuous power supply for off-grid users and those affected by power cuts, as well as smart green energy strategies for users of photovoltaic systems.

Hiconics is dedicated to becoming a leader in residential energy storage products and solutions, focusing on improving product security, convenience and intelligence » said Dennis Lee, General Manager of Hyconics.

WISDOM Series: battery capacity ranging from 13.8 to 69 kWh

The Wisdom series offers battery capacity ranging from 13.8 to 69 kWh, supporting 100% three-phase unbalance and maximum 30% single-phase unbalance.

The products are designed with several features to ensure reliable operation of the battery, charging and entire home storage system:

  • The charging and discharging current collection accuracy of the battery interface is 3%, which makes it suitable for the battery system.
  • Voltage and current harmonics are kept to less than 3%, which helps meet domestic loads and improve load security.
  • The BMS uses automotive-grade chips and electrical architecture that increase system safety and reliability.

Furthermore, the Wisdom product follows ASIL B Level Functional Safety Standards while providing cut-off detection accuracy of up to 2% for personal safety protection and including a built-in automatic aerosol fire extinguishing device for added safety.

Credit: Hiconics

Beyond storage: energy resource management

Hyconics aims to transform the market for residential energy storage solutions by offering more than just “ energy storage “.

Series products Wisdom present an energy management application that uses AI algorithms to manage energy dispatch.

The application, by calculating various factors such as environment, load and power, is capable of dynamically adjusting energy strategies in real time. Customizes residential energy strategies for each user, from plan formulation, implementation and smart tuning, based on the user’s personalized energy goals.

The app’s energy monitoring function allows real-time energy flows and download of historical records. which helps support the energy strategy of residential users.

The app also allows you to track energy flow in real time and download your history. Energy management can be achieved through local energy pricing electricity, peak load displacement situations and self-production and self-consumption rates. It can also connect power systems and home appliances, equipped with the IFTTT (If This Then That) platform.

Credit: Hiconics

Easy device management

With the WISDOM series, device management is made easier during the installation phase. Depending on the role, whether business administrator or installer, permissions are definable.

Midea’s Smart Home app allows quick configuration of devices that require installation and debugging of settings. The series supports 7 languages, including English and German, and offers quick configuration, device fault monitoring, and alarm in the app.


Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive technology offers a full range of store of energy for the home, ranging from single-phase, three-phase and an all-in-one integrated battery to split-type energy storage. Furthermore, with the energy management application, Hiconics goes beyond the simple “energy storage» to provide support for the energy resources management.

For better understanding

What is Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive technology?

Hiconics Eco-Energy Drive Technology is a green energy brand from Midea Industrial Technology, specializing in energy solutions. energy storage residential.

What are Hiconics’ main products?

The MINERGY and WISDOM series are Hiconics’ flagship products, offering a comprehensive range of home energy storage solutions.

What is the WISDOM series?

The WISDOM series offers battery capacity ranging from 13.8 to 69 kWh, supporting 100% three-phase unbalance and a maximum single-phase unbalance output of 30%.

What is WISDOM series power management app?

The WISDOM series power management application uses AI algorithms to manage power dispatch, dynamically adjusting power strategies in real time.

What is IFTTT (if this then that)?

IFTTT is a platform that helps connect energy systems and appliances, breaking down brand barriers and building a diverse energy ecosystem.


Source: Hiconics


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