RTL Infos – Connected and smart home: The best innovations in home automation for your home

Tired of repetitive and tiring daily tasks? Tired of wasting time and energy on meaningless tasks? Rest assured, everything is under control with the connected and smart home.

Thanks to home automation, simplify your daily life, protect your property, make drastic savings and put your home on autopilot.

In this article, discover the 3 best innovations in home automation for your apartment or house and the practical advantages. Say yes to the domestic revolution!

But what is home automation?

Home automation refers to all techniques and systems that aim to control, program and automate certain aspects of your home.

What are the main objectives of home automation?

• make your electrical installation more efficient and practical;

• program and automate specific actions;

• follow a responsible and ecological approach;

• combine comfort, safety and energy efficiency;

• in short, make your everyday life magical!

Is the smart, connected home right for you?

Yes, it concerns everyone who wants to make life at home more comfortable.

Home automation is not just a trend reserved for electronics enthusiasts and the latest technological innovations.

Who has never dreamed of turning the lights on or off and opening or closing the blinds with a simple word?

Ask for a small service: your house will take care of it immediately.

Does the smart home inspire you?

Let’s discover together the advantages of the best innovations in home automation for your home and… for your pleasure.

1. Control all your devices with just one word

Do you want to abandon the usual tasks and try virtual assistants?

Thanks to Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit or Amazon Alexa, you can turn the lights on and off at a specific time, make calls or adjust the thermostat… without lifting a finger.

Treat yourself to a must-have user experience:

Save time. Voice control handles tasks faster. Instead of using the remote or opening apps, just express your needs verbally. Turn on the coffee maker or the heating? Child’s play!

Simplify your life. Tired of complex interfaces? Thanks to this easy-to-use technology, program and trigger actions while having a coffee in your living room;

Release your mental load. Are you working on multiple projects? Do you always have a lot on your mind? With intuitive voice control, automate your home and no longer feel overwhelmed.

Sick, elderly or simply tired after a long day at work?

Ease your daily life with virtual assistants. Manage tasks by voice command, automate your actions and focus only on what matters.

2. Monitor your home in real time

Are you afraid of leaving your home unoccupied or finding it completely empty?

Smart security systems now include high-definition cameras, motion sensors, and connected locks to provide advanced monitoring of your home.

Stay calm on your next outing:

Monitor your home anytime. Thanks to your app, monitor your home remotely. Check cameras, your home’s security status and monitor in real time, regardless of your situation;

Scare away thieves. Identify any suspicious activity with detectors, cameras and door opening sensors. In case of intrusion or abnormal activity, the system triggers alerts and, in some cases, notifies local authorities;

Make it feel like you’re at home. Some systems integrate with other home automation devices, such as presence simulators or automatic lighting. Create the illusion that your property is inhabited, even if you are abroad and by the pool with your glass of rosé.

Because your peace of mind is essential, all these intelligent technologies guarantee you maximum security.

3. Aim for energy savings and automation

Tired of seeing your bills and consumption increase?

Home automation innovations in energy automation allow you to easily control lighting, heating, air conditioning and electrical appliances.

With connected and autonomous systems, make drastic savings:

Easily manage ventilation, heating and air conditioning. The systems adjust according to your needs and preferences. For example, the smart thermostat regulates the temperature based on scheduled times, weather conditions or presence detection;

Automate your home appliances. Home automation systems control your connected devices and objects. Dishwasher, dryer or washing machine, turn them on when electricity is cheapest;

Did you know that your electricity bills are reduced by an average of 30% throughout the year thanks to home automation?

Check your blinds and curtains. Home automation systems open and close blinds and curtains according to the position of the sun. Take advantage of natural light, optimize natural heating or cooling, and reduce dependence on artificial lighting.

With home automation, take a holistic approach to energy automation. Reduce your consumption, optimize costs and minimize your ecological footprint.

In conclusion, home automation transforms your home into an intelligent and connected space where comfort and innovation meet.

With energy automation, smart security and intuitive voice control, significantly improve your quality of life.

Ready to enjoy the luxury of simplicity, security and efficiency thanks to these advanced technologies?

Get ready to live an exceptional home automation experience and discover a new world of opportunities for your home.

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