17 connected devices per US household

Needs, habits and means are evolving, leading the public to increasingly equip their homes with a multitude of connected objects.

According to Parks Associates, broadband-equipped American homes have an average of 17 connected devices (as of Q3 2023). A number that was 12 in the summer of 2020, when Parks estimated that it should increase to 20 by 2025. For information, the study released at the CES fair in Las Vegas 2024 is based on 8,000 connected homes in the United States.

Speak to Sarah Lee, Research Analyst at Parks Associates

Parks Associates adds that, for the first time, there are more smartphones than TVs per American household, with 90% of them saying they own a smartphone and 88% a television. “ Smartphones are now ubiquitous and connected consumer electronics such as wireless headphones, tablets and smart TVs are commonplace. said Sarah Lee, research analyst at Parks Associates. Today, these devices are essential for daily entertainment and personal communications purposes, which can include school, work and family. This need drives repeat purchases, as each year consumer electronics companies launch innovative models that spark consumers’ desire to upgrade. ».

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