All collections are fair this weekend in Trouy with a Michelin enthusiast as guest of honor

An unmissable event at the beginning of the year, the fair of all collections, organized by Trouy temps libre, returns this weekend with a Michelin enthusiast as guest of honor.

On Saturday, the guest of honor at the Trouy Free Time Exchange is a regular visitor, having already come as such in 2017. Gilles Daugy

a friendly retiree with a friendly smile, he is a “happy enthusiast” who has literally “lived” Michelin since 1989, the year he joined this illustrious company and where he remained for thirty-seven years.


If the motto among collectors is “all Michelins can be collected”, Gilles Daugy is the worthy representative with a spectacular collection that includes all promotional items: miniatures, keychains, caps, t-shirts, mugs, red and green guides…

All collections and muselles

On Saturday a new curiosity will await the public with the presentation of the Michelin type 5. Although new products are increasingly rare nowadays, collections are being created in several countries around the world with different reproductions sold exclusively in certain countries.

“I am happy to perpetuate this heritage so that it does not fall into oblivion. The public likes to rediscover or discover this part of the history of the French company”, confides the collector.

This new edition of the exchange will also offer all types of collections to enthusiasts, connoisseurs and the curious. During a weekend, Trouy will be the capital of stamps, postcards, brooches, champagne caps and grains, undoubtedly for fans of unusual or small objects. There will be something for everyone, for everyone who is ready to trade or buy that missing piece or rare item that can delight them. Practical. Practical.
Jean-Marie-Truchot Space, Avenue du Cabaret. Saturday, from 9am to 7pm. FREE ENTRANCE.

Gilles Daugy is a member of the Association of Guides and Collectors of Michelin Maps (ACGCM), created in 2000 and which brings together members from France, Europe and the USA. Receive our leisure newsletter by email and find ideas for tours and activities in your region.

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