DRC: CENI is in full distribution of electoral materials

48 hours before the December 20 elections, the distribution of electoral materials at polling stations continues in Kinshasa, announced the communications director of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI), Jean-Baptiste Itipo, on Radio Okapi. The operation is also carried out within the country, namely in Uvira (South Kivu).

This deployment began on Saturday, December 16th and continues until Tuesday, December 19th throughout the city of Kinshasa.

The implementation of voting kits in Kinshasa does not represent a problem, hence the need to start with remote areas, estimated Jean-Baptiste Itipo:

“Kinshasa is the least of CENI’s concerns, even before the vote, Kinshasa can be implemented and we generally start in the most remote locations, with difficult access from Kinshasa, for example the islands. Many people don’t know that there are islands where there are voters in Kinshasa and CENI sends equipment to these islands in the Congo River. For example, we have the Mont-Ngafula area which has a large part that is rural, the Maluku commune, the Nsele commune, Kimbanseke… »

In the remote corners of Uvira

This Monday, December 18, the election kit distribution operation is on its second day in the 126 polling stations in the electoral district of Uvira (South Kivu).

After the delivery, on Sunday, December 17, of the kits to Bijombo, in the highlands of Bavira chiefdom, the operation continues towards Kalundu and Makobola.

CENI plans to deploy this equipment in the Ruzizi plain, the middle Lemera plateau, in the Bafuliiru chiefdom, on December 19.

Rodrigue Katanga Ngulwe, head of the CENI Uvira branch, also encouraged the population to support the process and vote en masse on December 20th.

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