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Internet security concerns everyone, and a strong password is one of the best defenses against hackers. However, data leaks continue to be a risk, and one recently revealed risk is particularly concerning.

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O Passwords are tools designed to increase privacy on the web and Protect personal data Users. Unfortunately, they are often victims of security breacheswhich can lead to significant data leaks.

The latter is particularly significant, affecting no less than 100 million passwords. This information, relayed by the cybersecurity platform “I was pranked“, therefore, concerns a significant number of users.

In a blog post it is mentioned that 71 million email addresses were also disclosed. These impressive numbers can scare anyone. However, in the same article, the author, Troy Hunt, clarifies that this leak is not new. Much of the stolen data would have already been previously committed.

More than 33 million recent passwords have been compromised. Is yours one of them?

100 million passwords compromised
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So it wouldn’t be that a third of addresses and passwords that have recently been found in the wild. While this may be somewhat reassuring, the amount of sensitive data stolen remains staggering.

To further put things into perspective, Troy Hunt suggests that much of information would be obsolete. In fact, having been leaked some time ago, the passwords and email addresses could will no longer be used.

It is precisely for this reason that it is advisable change your password regularly. Another solution would be to use alternative identification methods, such as access keys recently adopted by Google. To ensure that your password or email has not been compromised, simply access the website I was pranked and use the tools available.

Unfortunately, it seems that users are very negligent, as shown by most used passwords in France in 2023. Thus, “123456” continues to be the number one combination in the country. A disaster since this password can be deciphered by a hacker in less than a second.

A strong password is crucial to strengthening the security of your personal data

100 million passwords compromised
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It is crucial to insist on the adoption of strong passwords. Technology is evolving rapidly and the means available to hackers to steal users’ personal data are numerous. For example, a new AI, PassGan, is capable of crack certain passwords in minutes.

To ensure the security of your data, some tips to follow. They allow you to strengthen the use of passwords:

  • Ditch passwords like “123465” and “azerty”.
  • Use a long and complex password, with lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers and special characters.
  • Change your password regularly.
  • Never share your password with a loved one or stranger.
  • Be careful with questionable websites and malware.

By following these recommendations, you can browse the Internet without worrying about the security of your password. Thus, a combination of 18 characters including numbers, uppercase letters, lowercase letters and symbols, 26 trillion years for a pirate before being found.


  • A data breach compromised 100 million passwords and 71 million email addresses.
  • Much of it would have already been leaked before, but a third of this data would be recent.
  • Using a long and complex password is extremely important.

Source: Trojan Hunt

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