impact of electronic cigarettes on public and individual health in 2024

In just a few years, the electronic cigarette has established itself as the main smoking cessation method adopted by the French. More than 700,000 people now say they have managed to kick the smoking habit thanks to vaping.

Understanding everything about nicotine dependence

Before starting a nicotine withdrawalIt is essential to have previously passed your Quit smoking. This first step consists of assessing whether theI want to smoke persists at certain times of the day or week. If the answer is positive, this indicates that the smoking cessation process was not completely successful. It then becomes risky to modify the nicotine level, as this can cause a feeling of withdrawal, leading to relapse into cigarette consumption. It is common for the vaporizers make this mistake by neglecting the role of nicotine as an ally. Combined with an e-cigarette, nicotine should play a key role in maintaining a lasting distance from tobacco. But the challenge lies in nicotine’s bad reputation, with 80% of French people wrongly considering it carcinogenic. Nicotine abstinence should be approached not from the perspective of risk reduction, but rather, as the name suggests, from the perspective of complete abstinence.

For the best understand nicotine dependence, you will need to understand the mechanisms that cause this. Nicotine acts directly on the brain, stimulating the reward system, releasing dopamine, also known as the pleasure hormone. The multiplication of receptors in response to nicotine causes dependence, but this process is not exponential. Nicotine substitutes, such as electronic cigarettes, aim to limit the effects, avoiding intense nicotine spikes, characteristic of tobacco consumption. To find the model that fits your needs, visit this electronic cigarette store to help you choose.

How to gradually reduce your nicotine level with e-liquids?

Successful nicotine withdrawal begins with gradual decline in nicotine levels. But before you start, you’ll need to define two points of comparison that will allow you to measure your progress. The first is the nicotine level, and the second, often less taken into account, is the consumption of e-liquid. To quantify this consumption, it is recommended to count how many times you fill the tank daily, multiplying this value by the tank capacity. Once you have determined your consumption, simply multiply this number by your nicotine level to estimate your baseline nicotine consumption. This assessment of your vaping habits provides a clear perspective on your nicotine consumption, making it easier to implement a personalized, gradual cessation strategy.

E-liquid offer nicotine concentrations which differ, ranging from high levels to very low levels, or even no nicotine. This diversity allows you to customize your vaping experience according to your needs, your abstinence strategy and your level of nicotine dependence. As you move through the letting go process, you will be able to choose e-liquids with lower nicotine levelsto adapt the nicotine concentration to the evolution of your addiction.

It is by continuing to encourage research and exploration of these innovative solutions that our society will be able to become healthier.

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