This is Israel. Focus on… Phinergy green energy systems based on innovative aluminum-air technology.

The fighting on October 7 destroyed Gaza’s border power grid and disrupted mobile communications. But networks supported by Israeli Phinergy, based on innovative “green” aluminum-air technology, continued, providing essential connectivity.

The deadly October 7 terrorist attack in southern Israel led to significant disruptions to cellular communications in the Gaza border region, with the collapse of the power grid in many places where fighting broke out. With backup systems designed to provide only a few hours of service, most cellular communications sites in the region suffered a temporary power outage, leaving cell phone users in the region unable to communicate during the critical hours of the outbreak of war.

However, the cell sites in which Phinergy Systems (TASE:PNRG) were installed were able to continue providing essential connectivity for dozens of hours.

Throughout the first days of fighting, Phinergy’s green power systems, based on innovative aluminum-air technology, made a huge contribution to efforts to keep communications working around the Israeli border region of Gaza.

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