Twinkly’s smart light curtain is my favorite smart home gadget from CES 2024

I spent the last week breaking down the biggest announcements from CES 2024. And while useful gadgets like the Linxura Smart Home Controller and LG’s AI-powered all-in-one washing machine earned a spot on my list of the best smart home devices from CES , that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re my favorite. No, for me the unsung hero of this year’s show was the Twinkly smart light curtains.

This $200 display consists of smart LED lights with the highest density in its class. Each of these pill-shaped lights work together to create animated graphics and mood lighting on any wall. The curtain won’t make your day easier and it costs a lot to decorate. But this niche smart lighting system can enhance any living space, whether it’s setting the mood of a room with exciting color-changing designs or playing a GIF to share with your business on the wall.

The Matrix blind is easily installed using two lightweight aluminum bars at each end. You can line it up and hang it without tangling the string lights. You can map and fully customize the effects played on this brilliant display using the Twinkly app. Its Windows screen mirroring feature allows the Smart Curtain to act as an extended screen while you play games or watch videos. This extends large open worlds beyond your gaming monitor to the wall space behind it for greater immersion. Vast scenes such as natural landscapes and city skylines appear as colors react to in-game actions such as explosions.

(Image credit: Twinkly)

In addition to gaming, I can see this smart light curtain integrated into a living room or basement entertainment setup as live wall art. The Matrix’s curtain shape shakes things up, as its strings of lights work together to form an image without a solid backdrop. I think the resulting aesthetic is elegant and really helps the colors pop to bring the image into focus.

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