Webdyn (Flexitron Group) acquires Adeunis to create a complete set of IoT solutions

The Flexitron Group, based in Madrid, stands out for its commitment to innovation, with a substantial part of its revenues reinvested in research and development. The group, which reached a turnover of 50 million euros in 2023, thus solidifies its presence in the global Internet of Things (IoT) market.

Webdyn, integrated into the Flexitron Group in 2020, saw its turnover increase significantly, from 4.3 million euros to 11 million euros between 2020 and 2022. The entity has offices in France, Spain, Portugal, India and Taiwan , and works with channel partners in several countries, targeting vertical markets such as building management, photovoltaics, industrial and energy.

Webdyn’s acquisition of Adeunis aims to create a group specializing in complete IoT solutions for energy efficiency in industry and buildings. Adeunis, with its 32 employees based near Grenoble, will provide its experience in sensors and IoT solutions for the digitalization of equipment monitoring, with a view to its optimization.

Jean-Luc Baudouin, CEO of Adeunis, highlights the expected benefits of this integration: “This alliance with the Flexitron Group represents a unique opportunity for Adeunis, opening new horizons in the field of IoT in general and energy management in particular. The integration within the Webdyn enterprise, combined with the injection of additional resources, will provide us with a solid foundation to accelerate our growth and implement our solutions at scale. Together, we will shape the future of intelligent building management, putting innovation at the service of performance, comfort and sustainability. »

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