What are the trends for physical security in 2024? – Identification and Access Control

Genetec has just released the 4th edition of its State of Physical Security Report, an analysis of responses from more than 5,500 end users and industry channel partners to questions about the technologies they use, as well as other challenges they may have encountered. in 2023 – particularly in terms of human resources and purchasing.

The talent crisis persists, according to the report. For channel partners, HR issues are intensifying, with 62% reporting an increase in 2023 – and unfortunately, no improvement is expected in 2024. Labor shortages are already a big problem. obstacle, delaying projects, according to 38% of end users.

The supply chain continues to be a point of contention. By 2023, 45% of end users had their physical security projects delayed or scaled back due to supply issues. Half of distribution partners believe these problems will increase in 2024.

In this context, new technologies offer great opportunities. The adoption of hybrid cloud and connected technologies could solve these challenges, allowing organizations to remain agile and innovative. Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence are attracting attention, with 33% of end users planning to add AI applications by 2024.

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