What solution should I choose in 2024 to pay my employees?

Entrepreneurship – What solution should I choose in 2024 to pay my employees?

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Stéphane ALLIGNE, president and CEO of DOTNET, a BtoB SaaS software publisher with 100,000 professional users, provides us with the answers.

What are the different solutions for editing payslips?

Stéphane ALLIGNE: In general, there are 3 main solutions for paying your employees.

The first is outsourcing payroll to an external service provider. This person is responsible for the entire process of producing the pay slip, as well as transmitting the DSN (nominative social declaration). In this scenario, the company must simply transmit all elements of its payroll to the service provider. Payroll operations are generally entrusted to an accounting firm or a specialized payroll service provider. This payroll management solution is relevant for MPE/SMEs that do not have internal staff who can dedicate themselves to it.

Another solution: do payroll in-house by implementing On Premise payroll software. This solution has the advantage of not transmitting payroll data to an external service provider. However, it is important to calculate the investment that the acquisition of payroll software represents. Take into account: the purchase of the license as well as the costs linked to updates, which can represent up to 50% in addition to the price of the software itself. Without forgetting the training to be given to teams to use the software and, finally, the cost of the payroll manager(s) responsible for managing the payroll through this software.

Therefore, if the company’s staff does not exceed 25 employees, this payroll management solution presents few advantages, due to the financial and organizational constraints it involves.

Finally, there is a simpler, more economical and adaptable intermediate solution depending on the company’s needs and the number of payslips to be produced each month. This is the online payroll platform. Being in SaaS mode, the Payroll Software It is not hosted by the company, but by the publisher itself or a service provider.

Which payroll solution is best suited for MSEs/SMEs?

SA: For small businesses, the advantages of online payroll platforms are numerous.

Firstly, use is simple and intuitive. Simply enter your payroll details and the software processes them to produce a compliant pay slip in just a few minutes.

Additionally, these online software often offer online help to guide users. At Fiche-paie.net we provide a support team at no additional cost.
Finally, these solutions are economically advantageous and adaptable to needs: from individual payslips to subscribing to an unlimited package.

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What about data security?

For editors of a payroll software In SaaS, the challenge of data hosting is huge.

In fact, payroll data is personal data protected by GDPR, the European data protection regulation. As such, they must be highly secure. This is all the more true since withholding tax came into force, because this system involves the exchange of personal data with the tax administration.

At Fiche-paie.net, the data is hosted in France. Why is that so important? The data is subject to the laws of the country in whose territory the host or data center is located. Therefore, it is essential to host your payroll data in France to ensure better data protection, as well as to guarantee network availability and performance.

Furthermore, when it comes to payroll, it is also essential that customer support teams and infrastructure supervision centers are located nationally.

This is why Fiche-paie.net online payroll software puts digital sovereignty at the center of its development with a team entirely present in France: data hosting with a French host, assistance, after-sales service, support, but also software development. The Fiche-paie.net teams are based in Nantes.

Finally, what is the best payroll solution?

SA: The choice of online payroll software must be made based on multiple variables, including the size of the company. It’s about choosing an editor who knows the specifics of your business and its challenges well!

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